Ok, so its done.  I have written 3 chapters of the story and linked to it in corp and EVE forums.  I expect traffic to be light and comments sparse.  There just is too much to read on the interwebs for people to spend serious time on a beginner’s site.

And I did not really write this to please others – I wrote to see if I could write fiction at all.  I have written tons of stuff in my professional life, articles, book chapters, technical documentation, software and hardware manuals (each 100 pages at least) and am fairly proficient in that.  But fiction?  Never.

So, now I have started, I want to be good at it.  I want the convey the drama in the powerful but sparse prose of Hemingway.  I want to be able to have the light touch of John Steinbeck and his ability to observe humans, his kindness to outcasts without coming being condescending.  I want to be able to to write like Neal Stephenson, kinetic action pieces, highly technical and full of love for his character.  And yes, full of the weirdest analogies.  (Bubbles of Quafe, chapter 3)

Of course, this doesn’t work this way.  These are giants of literature, each an expert, each accomplished and not just skilled but also practiced and extremely well edited.  Even if I was as skilled as they are, it would take me decades to come even close.

Setting them as benchmarks will automatically generate failure.  But I am more paranoid of harsh criticism from the community or, even worse, getting ignored.  I will just have to get over it and get better by doing it.

Thanks in  advance for comments, good or bad and for patience while I find my feet, so to speak


One response to “Paranoia

  1. I guess it’s weird. Sitting in front of this rectangular window to a digital world of millions, committing your thoughts and stories to it, and what does it really get you in the end? Who knows.

    As someone who has taken the same decision – to write a story blog about EVE – I can only say: I did it because I enjoyed doing so. The stories excited me, made me laugh and I even made myself cry one time. Will the millions out there share this experience with me? I have no idea.

    I do watch the stats on my blog, and I like to see which stories are read more than others, but does that influence what I do? Not really.

    I guess, one just has to go with the things one genuinely enjoys to do. If the heart is in it, people will respond to it. Even if it’s only ten out of all those millions.

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