EVE Online Described

Seismic Stan asked to describe EVE Online, the MMORPG is currently use to think about the online world.  Needless to say that very well known and informed bloggers jumped to the challenge and described EVE as it appeared to them.  Jester of course delivered his trademark wall of text, after all, why say anything in 2 pages if 10 would do as well.  But Kudos to all who wrote and write since a reflection on what EVE Online is, would be in order after this summer of uncertainty.

Personally, I define EVE differently depending how I think about it.  To the one person who in RL knows I am playing it, I call it “that game I currently play”.  I deliberately use the term “game” so that the non-serious aspect comes through.  For myself, I define it as a Sci-Fi simulator.  And Sci-Fi for me is the ultimate laboratory for human behavior as it allows alteration of starting conditions and then tosses in the lab rats (players) to work out how this all plays out.  In EVE, leadership, friendship and (maybe?) enemies can be made under conditions otherwise not likely.

So rather than defining EVE for myself, I need to find out what it means to me and what I intend to do within its boundaries…

Thats it.  No wall of text, no deep description of game mechanics that EVE players already know and nobody else cares about (sorry Jester).  WoW players want their pink pony.  Everyone else is playing Starwars: the Old Republic (= WoW in space).


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