The Empire Strikes Back…

Carebears Unite!  Gather your pitchforks, arm your Covetors, the enemy is upon thee.

Hulkageddon is one of those things in EVE I never understood.  Basically it is community organized event that incentivizes players to charge armed combat ships into unarmed mining ships and blow them up.  The combat ships are then targeted by the “police” (Concord, whatever) and themselves killed.  So, its suicide missions. The idea is to kill as many as possible and receive prizes and “tears”.  Its about as sporting as whacking a toddler, clubbing a baby seal or torturing a frog. It is straight bullying without cause, reason or – in EVE – online backstory.  Mindless, destructive aggression.  In other words, it is “terrorism” in its true form.

And that’s why I love it.  Conflict in EVE Online is rarely black & white. “Good” guys also routinely hunt hapless prey, shooting noobs in the face to toughen them up and and have no quarter for harmless pods either.  This grey world rarely unites players behind an activity unless they are coordinated through a corporation or alliance.

So, if Hulkageddon brings out the worst scum of the universe, it was inevitable that an opposition forms.  Griefer-Geddon was started by the unapologetic carebear Mechanoid Kryten and aims to organize the grazing herd.  She featured as guest on Ender’s podcast and presents her strategy to balance the scales.  The odds are incredibly against her.  The mechanics of EVE Online does not allow preventive strikes and the overwhelming force of the enemy, their willingness to risk their own lives and their very well trained, disciplined and coordinated aggressors make formidable and unpredictable foes.   And while the “good guys” sit in mining belts and sites and and present themselves as enormous targets, the bad guys are nimble and mobile.   And of course, high sec carebears rarely organize, have no technical or spiritual means to fight back and see themselves as rugged frontier individualists who are not used to be herded.  Or they are just idiots and keep mining unprotected.  I guess some Darwinism is going to happen.

Sounds to me like Mechanoid Kryten has her own version of the “war against terror” on her hands.

I really want this conflict to be epic for a couple of reasons.  High-security PvP is so often discussed that it bores me.  This conflict is one way to get some mean, epic fights into the world of carebears and some real wrecks into high-sec belts.  Maybe the Griefer-Geddon will instill a feeling of unity amongst the carebears, an awareness that space is dangerous and the knowledge that – like bullying in real life – a united peaceful front will deter the strongest attacker eventually.

And whenever there is a lost cause, a hopeless situation, I feel obliged to participate. Am drawn to defeat like moth to a flame.  Can’t resist.

Certainty of death, *small* chance of success… What are we waiting for?(Gimli)

So, Mechanoid Kryten,

If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my sword… (Aragorn)

2 responses to “The Empire Strikes Back…

  1. Fit’s well with your response to Ender’s earlier podcast where he took part in a corp theft. Not that it is a bad thing, just consistent. You’re the quintessential “good guy.”

    I don’t buy into the whole good vs bad in Hulkageddon/griefergeddon it’s just another thing that happens in eve, but then I also subscribe to the idea of not taking internet spaceships too seriously.

    In the end though you nailed the problem for griefergeddon on the head. the mechanics of fighting in eve are conspiring to prevent any meaningful defense to the suicide tactics used during hulkageddon.

    1. The RR mechanic will not work well, but the encouragement for hulk pilots to actually tank their ships will let some live where they would have otherwise be dead. Reason : RR does not work well against “burst” damage types. AKA Alpha. swarms of Destroyers engaging single or small groups of hulks and repair friends will overwhelm the RR before it can cycle properly, if at all, especially against people who bring armor reps to repair shield tanks of Hulk’s.

    2. ECM/ECM burst. Directed ECM requires target lock on the hostile target. And it in itself a hostile act. So that means you have to wait for them to engage before you can even activate ECM. I predict lost griefer geddon ships for aggressing too early, before agression occurs. ECM burst is like a smartbomb, area effect. If, say a roid, or another neutral player, is within range it will bring the wrath of concord down on the burster, even if you use it defensively. More will be gained by just fitting more tank on the Hulk.

    The mechanic that will best save hulks will be to
    A. Not be AFK (or a bot)
    B. Stay aligned and at-speed, use two celestials, set your speed to 75% align to one until you are almost out of range of the rock you are mining, turn around, align to another celestial, stay at 75%. You are still vulnerable when making “the turn” between the two align points, but that’s only for a few seconds. Warp out when neutrals/suspicious people warp in.
    C. Do not (ever) mine at the warp in to a belt. Bookmark a distant roid and warp in and out to it instead.
    D. Fit a strong buffer tank, not an active tank.
    E. Keep an eye on local for a sudden bloom of 7-10 players, and an eye on d-scan for a mess of dessies, or even one dessie. Untanked Hulks can be killed by a single destroyer in most cases, fully tanked Hulks can be killed by 5-7 simultaneous destroyers.

    Losing a hulk when you look at all those tips during this week is really because they (the hulk pilots) were lazy, and unwilling to take the steps to stay alive.

    • Thanks Logan for the detailed reply. While I too can’t take EVE Online all that seriously, the very real social interaction between the players interests me. And so I got intrigued by the motivation behind Hulkageddon and – now – Griefergeddon.

      I take it as a compliment to be called “a good guy” but that too is a point of perspective. I recently sent a someone to the cloning vat and only later found out that he was a 1 day-old character. If I had known, I may not have podded him but certainly still would have blown up his ship. I try to stalk miners and haulers in my WH. Not very successfully yet but it will come. You fly a hauler in WH, don’t cry when I put some torps into your hull. But catching a well prepared hauler or a watchful mining operation ain’t that easy. They do have a chance.

      With respect to Hulkageddon, I agree 100% with you, those who do not prepare for enemy action, afk mine or autopilot-haul are beyond help, they deserve to be taken down and I too want to see their tears. But those miners who prepare, form teams, seek guidance on tanking and movement (like what you describe)ought to stand a chance. That’s what this is all about. Standing a chance.

      Now, I personally have no illusion that a coordinated group of griefers with destroyers or even Tier 3 BC can alpha pretty much any miner off the field before Concord arrives. No amount of RR and EWAR can be applied fast enough for that but even with the goons involved (1), I expect the average Joe Griefer to go after soft targets. A blob of miners with some RR, guns and EWAR will make them look for easier prey. After all, they are used to “no risk” kills. Introduce the slightest amount of risk and they will move on to easier targets. And to those who take the risk, engage a prepared blob and score hits – congratulations, gf.

      And lastly, I am personally interested how this forms up. How is this group coordinated? Who spontaneously leads? Will it be dead boring to sit there and wait to be jumped? What is the motivation? Is it really the prize money? Screenshots of RR activity? Geez. Complicated.

      One way or the other, I am looking forward to it…

      (1) I heard that a few pirate corps refuse to participate in Hulkageddon since they detest the goons and don’t want to look like Goon minions)

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