RvB – learning to blob

Wormhole PvP is a little daunting to thePvP noob – the low number of fights, the lethality (only engage if success is assured) and the very high cost of PvP ships in WH space have stopped me from getting experience in the art of PvP.  This means, when I am in a combat-ready ship, I don’t engage as easily as my fellow corp members and my cloak always gives me the choice to fight or not.  Of course, if stuff hits the fan, I engage. If I find a hapless industrial, its “Torpedoes away”.  But I am not exactly looking for fights with someone who can shoot back.  (in my bomber that tends to be suicidal – almost lost my ship to an Orca – that would have been an embarrassing killmail.  I now have a lot of respect for Warrior II drones…)

Anyway, the unstructured nature of WH makes PvP actually fairly hard to find and yes, I know my Idol pjharvey seems to find helpless PI haulers every time she logs in but I have scanned so many systems with either nothing in it or so many interceptors, Drakes, Tengus and Protei (pl?) that I got dizzy just counting all the ways I could lose my bomber and pod in there and slunk back out the way I came.

So, I have been a great fan of RvB since jester linked their video going after an Erebus and other capital ships with nothing but 70 subcaps.  The fight ended with many wrecks on RvB’s side but man, did these guys had fun while going on this most impossible mission.  What a contrast!  In WH space, every death is a big deal, even losing a cheap CovOps can alert the enemy, draw them over, is a pain in the back to replace and stands out in the corporate killboard.  Compare that to the RvB purple roam throwing Tier 3 BCs against a foe vastly superior to them and laughing all the way.

I knew I had to do this and waited until my corp had successfully moved into their new C4 and recruited new players. That way, I could an alt out without putting too much of a hole into our ability to scout and run the new WH…

That time has gone and I have my alt in “Blue”.  This alt can fly Caldari Frigates very well (5) and almost nothing else.  He is my EWAR pilot which doesnt help since ECM is not allowed in normal RvB encounters. But man, can he fly a beastly Merlin 😉  And for Purple roams, I will fit a Blackbird or Kitsune…

I stocked up on 20 Merlins and fits for a Rocket / Blaster fit with Tech II tank – with my Frigate V, that is a very tough nut to crack in frigate fights.  Of course, anything bigger than that and I am likely a schmear on someone’s windscreen but at least it will be cheap.

First night out, I join fleet, undock and hang out in front of Blue station.  All sorts of unfamiliar names, crummy comms (am used to crystal clear Team Speak and RvB uses EVE Voice). FC is clearly in charge, comms discipline is good. Apparently, a Red fleet is inbound and has been spotted.  I feel safe in this big blue ball and am ready to warp where ever the action may be.  Commands on comms. Dont understand.  What?  He whispers.  Volume up.  “Spike in Local”, what does that mean.  Reds here?  Alright I am ready, bring it.  “Dock up”.  What you mean “dock up”.  I don’t understand. Where is my fleet?  I am the last fleet member outside the station.  And then about 20 Red crosses land on top of me. Dock, dock, dock.  Too late.  Guess that was entertaining to 11 (!) Reds who got me on their killmails.

Next Merlin.  This time, I will listen, promise.

Command given to undock.  Ok, undock, insta warp off to some safe spot that I had made earlier.  Now we wait.

FC commands to warp to him. I do.  No idea where we are, some station in front of me.  A lot of blue crosses.  I feel safe but this time I know how fickle this safety is.  Where is the FC?  There.  I smooch up to him at 5km, feeling safe so close to mommy.  Apparently, the evil Reds have been spotted again.  We warp off to some gate.  Holding position.  I am good at this – WH life is totally depending on comms and knowing who is where. I can imagine whats happening on the other side of the gate based on what the scouts report.  I can be scout soon.  Cloaky, intel work?  Thats what I do!   Apparently, 30+ on the other side.  We hold. More fleet members arrive.

Blue Corp standing by before jump into Red Fleet

Then, new intel.  Half of Red fleet has jumped away from gate.  Our cue!  FC commands to jump through the gate into the remaining half of the Red fleet.  They outnumber us somewhat but we have the surprise apparently.  His voice is very excited.  I jump.  End up in a huge ball of red and blue crosses, FC is hollering names but my overview is ordered by range not names.  I can’t find a single primary or secondary target and by the time I find them, they are dead. In addition, I need to be within kissing distance to my target, my fit is rockets and blasters.  2km is good, 5 barely tolerated.

So, I defy the FC and tell myself, screw it, I shoot at the Rifters until I pop.  See how long I last.  This is my first fight, so who cares.  In I go, first red ship, target, scram, web, close range, open fire at 4km, circle at 2500, AB off, my skills are crummy and I cant gimp myself inducing transversal.  No idea if I am the only one shooting at this guy or if there are others.  The field looks like a big mess of ships, wrecks and pods.  No shooting of pods.  (WH space is different.  Shooting of pods is of great strategic value).

Boom goes my target.  Woot, next.  Thrasher.  Tasty.  Then a Punisher that takes a crap ton of shooting until it blows up.  Nothing targets me.  Which is good because I forgot to fit a shield extender and my Damage control module.  I am a paperplane.  And then, well, then someone does target me and my little Merlin is no more.  The death was surprisingly painless. I saw it coming, wondered what took them so long and basically had aligned myself back to the gate.  Pod jumps clear and I just go back home.

Overall, I had great fun in this fleet – its about the exact opposite of WH PvP.  Cheap, disposable fights, honorable use of ships, big ball of aggression and weapons free.  Then a wee explosion and another Merlin is ready to go.  I can see myself doing that for cheap thrills and I am sure the fights get more complicate the more I learn…  Looking forward to that!

2 responses to “RvB – learning to blob

  1. Sounds like too much fun. I think I’ll be joining you soon enough. New alt is cooking up his rifter skills. Only question is to fight with you on blue or against you on red…

    I think my keyboard LEDs might be giving me the answer…

  2. Well, you want to fly with our CEO and kiss his feet, fly with the evil Red. You want to fly with Bean and myself and Maybe Keal. and be on the right side of good and evil, join Blue

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