A bucket of tears

Dear Goons and Griefers,

please accept a bucket of tears from me as payment to the pathetic performance your King gave to his subjects, the hype followed by the fizzle burning Jita to the ground and the mindless, repetitive and unoriginal suicide ganking of industrial ships during Hulkageddon.  This bucket is full tears now but I have to inform you that they are not tears of rage or sadness but tears of boredom. I even bought Skyrim, that’s how bored I am.

Yes, you heard me, I am bored by the antics that make EVE news these days.  They are not the stories of villainous genius, cunning and decisive warfare under Patton-like leadership or those of building industrial empires.  The stories that define EVE at the moment are those of negativity and destruction dished out by mindless robots.  Your King calls you follow, to whatever the dumbest end that drunk loudmouth summons you.  Rugged, independent Wild West game?  Not so much, more like the clone army.    EVE currently presents itself as a sandbox where only the dumb and fat bully gets to have all the toys.

This public perception misses reality.   A lot of cool, interesting, intelligent and creative things are happening in New Eden and I am glad I found a corp and an environment that has need for a lot more of that.  Our corp is growing strong, the alliance is coming along very nicely, ships need to be built, sleepers need to be shot and our WH neighbors would look a lot better as little triangles.  But those stories will not make the airwaves, these are dominated – like in Real Life – by the dumb bullies.

So, I put myself on a diet of smart reading.   Jester, Drackarn, Mabrick, Tigerears and many more show that the game is still the same – smart and creative people and corps will in the end form the environment that I want to be part of.

That bucket of boredom tears? Have it, if it makes you happy.  I can make new ones.  In the meantime, I shall just ignore you.  And that – I know – will make you cry.  My bucket is waiting.

One response to “A bucket of tears

  1. I very much agree with this. Allot of stories about EVE makes it out to those who have never heard or no clue about EVE. That can make one stop for a moment to consider the game.

    That happened to me. But in doing research before I actually started playing the game was reading blogs like Letrange and penny’s blog at Tigerears that totally captivated me about interesting ways of playing the game from the stories they told.

    Anyone armed to the teeth in RL or virtual can stickup or hijack anyone else unarmed and defenseless to fight back being unarmed and outgunned. And that includes spaceships.

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