Love thy Nemesis

I have a bromance with my Nemesis Stealthbomber, always loved the fat little arms, the rounded belly and the menacing single orifice on the front with its unblinking beacon illuminating my hapless victims.  From the side, it may have looked flimsy but when it barrels at you, all you see is some monster with outstretched arms spewing ordinance.  There is something sensual and menacing, like a gorgeous woman with a chainsaw.

Old Model Nemesis

Unfortunately,  this bomber is unloved by all real experts as the one hardest to fit, not enough power grid and so on:

If after I advise you to train for the Manti you do not, I will advise you not to train for the Nemesis. If you make that mistake anyhow, that’s your problem. I will provide only this as fitting advice for the Nemesis, then let us never speak of it again: You’ll find it easier to fit, but still tight, if you use Malkuth launchers.  (Hallan Turrek)

It is not that I am obstinate about my ships in general.  I switched from my beautiful, luscious Gallente-designed Myrmidon to a Drake (/spit/) because that thing (cant call it a ship, sorry) outperforms any other boat in space.  I even went for the ugliest of the T3 Cruiser that looks like bits of space debris.  Caldari may get the job done but they have no sense of style.   And so I should – according to the experts – switch to a Manticore.    Its only a week or so of training and I contemplated it, I really did.  For about 5 seconds.  And then I jumped into my Fat Man and took off like a bat out of hell.  My love for the curve is stronger than my love for the DPS.

So, when CCP announced that they would revamp the design of my most beloved Nemesis, I was apprehensive.  CCP has a knack of getting things spectacularly wrong and I did not want them to touch the only ship that I want as a plushy toy and take to bed (not really, but I need some literary headroom here).  And this morning as my client downloaded update, I wondered which of the 900MB will be the design for my favorite boat in the game?

The new design. Note, no bomb, this is my scouty bomber with probe launcher.

Logging in, my breath was taken away.  My faith in CCP is restored, their designers have kept the rounded figure but made it flat, more bomber-like and introduced a menacing mandible underneath.  From the front, it is still unmistakably a Nemesis but it banks and maneuvers like a real space ship, not like a fat guy stumbling out of a pub after 16 pints of Guinness.  The new Nemesis is a piece of art, and EFT warriors be damned, I will fly my gorgeous new ship until it blows up and then I buy 10 more.

And, what better way to celebrate this gorgeous design than to actually use it as intended?

4 responses to “Love thy Nemesis

  1. I never saw the Nemesis as ‘the fat man’. For me it was always some sort of anime-style contraption like

    I always found the Tristan hull to be one of the most creative in EVE.

    I have to say, the new Nemesis is not what it used to be. The Manticore surely looks better in my opinion. Sad to say because the Caldari are the worst ship designers around. They must have hired outside talent for this one. As far as I am concerned the Manticore is now the best working and best looking stealth bomber.

    Mme. Thalys

    P.S. If you are pining for Gallente, fly a PVP fit Myrmidon and watch Drakes die. Yes they will.

    P.P.S. Hallan Turrek, second only to Mittani in narcissistic pretentiousness. May you rest in peace or rise invigorated. New Eden is poorer without you.

    • Well, I checked out the new Manticore design and whilst you are right that it has much improved – it does not look like a Caldari ship – the crab like meanness of the Nemesis still appeals to me more. I really now need to look at the EFT and see what a Manticore will do for me if I invest those 7 days… If I switched, it would mean that the Helios, Talos and Iteron are my last Gallente ships in the SMA?

      As for the Myrm v. Drake, I believe you – now with BC 5, their bonuses are probably very useful…

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