A measure of success

during Episode 76 of Rundle’s Ramblings (*)  a inordinate amount of time was spent on the discussion of what success means.  Its a meaningless discussion that assumed universal standards exist.  They don’t – not in business and most certainly not in a game.  Yawn.

But such goals do exist on a personal level.  Each of us has goals and clearing them qualifies as success and spawns higher goals.  My goals are not yours, so the following may not apply to you at all.  Shucks.

A few weeks ago, I was in game chatting with our CEO about some admin stuff.  We were lazily orbiting a Wormhole, cloaked, me in bomber, he in something more scary.  All of a sudden, the hole flashes and a Buzzard appears.  Now, Covert Ops frigates are really hard to catch.  Their are very nimble, they warp away quickly and can of course fly cloaked.  So, catching them is a matter of luck and we were distracted and had drifted too far to catch him.  But this guy just sits there, poops out scanning probes.  Now while he does that, he cant cloak, so I turn my cloak off, burn with MWD to him and lock him up.  Target painter is on him and my new Nemesis is ejecting torpedoes from all launchers.  My CEO burns his T3 into range and gets his systems hot(**) and almost has him when the Buzzard, well, disappears.  Not sure what happened.  Not warped away, just cloaks.  Now this shouldn’t happen as long as I have him locked but somehow it did.  Maybe I accidentally unlocked him.  Anyway, he is gone.  I have bombs so I aim and launch into the approximate direction of his last position.  My hope is that my bomb will decloak him.  It makes a spectacular display but nothing decloaks.  He must have warped off.

But he didn’t.  Instead, there is his, decloaked, aligned and in warp before I can re-catch him.  Looks like he warps to the sun.  CEO and I in hot pursuit evidently this player flies his covops but can’t fly cloaked yet.  We land.  No Buzzard.  He is not at the sun but at a planet that was in line with the sun. I turn my bomber around and will him into warp to the planet, landing 100km away from my uncloaked target. I stay with my cloak on, knowing I can’t catch him at this range, before my torps rain on him, he will be gone.  And he cloaks.  But I have range and vector, know he has to get visible again before warping off and so I motor cloaked towards his last known position.  And then the guy convos me:

He: “Hi there, just wondering, I read your Bio, is this the way you recruit?

Me: “My Bio?”

He: “yes, you say you are recruiting for WH operations in your Bio.  Is this how you try to get new recruits”

So, we have us a cool customer – subsequent discussion ensues, he is a young character with guts and sense of adventure.  He wants to live in a Wormhole but doesn’t really know about them, so he trains for a Buzzard, can’t fit the cloak for another week and just goes out exploring.  When almost gets his ship blown up he convos the guy who shoots at him.  I like this guy already.  I really do.

So, CEO and I offer him to apply to our Wormhole academy.  He evidently has spunk, most of the skills and the right attitude.  He says he thinks about it and I half expect him to negotiate some form of ceasefire while he is in our hole.  Not so much.  He decloaks 25km from me and warps like a bat out of hell.  I manage to lock him (can’t resist) and see that we got him 1/2 way into armor in our failed attempt earlier.  Not much left of that boat, mate.

Anyway.  We keep chatting for a few weeks, he hangs out in our recruitment channel and he finally joined us last week as recruit.  He now flies in the same Wormhole he so pluckishly entered but this time unmolested (and with a real covert-ops cloak).  He is a great guy and a solid scout – glad to have him on board.

Measure of success?  I can try my best to blow someone up and still convince them to join my corp right afterwards.  If that does not speak for our vision and the tenacity of our recruits, then I do not know.



(*) Of course it is  Jade’s Lost in EVE….. Just kidding. I really love the show.

(**) A phrase I steal from my idol, pjharvey from Tigerears.org.  If you ever wanted to know about WH PvP, read this, dont come here.


2 responses to “A measure of success

  1. I was surprised you weren’t a jerk about me getting away when I convo’d you. I’m really not sure what I was expecting when I contacted you, but glad it all worked out!

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