Separate Ways

Our little corp had seen a bunch of changes over the last 2 weeks and I would be remiss not to quickly give my 0.02 ISK to the situation.

Mme. Thalys over at Emergent Patroller explained the situation in more detail and with pretty much the same sentiment as I could.  I shan’t repeat her excellent narration but the the short version is:

  • plan and our motivation was for our single nullsec corporation to be folded back into the Lost in EVE Alliance.
  • For the Alliance to be allied with a large powerbloc in nullsec.
  • For the Wormholes and the nullsec corps to live happily side-by-side and support each other.

In other words, there had been no secret that one fine day soon, we (the wormholers) would find ourselves in alliance with a nullsec bloc of some sort.  This combination offered us a unique selling point for the recruitment and retention of pilots and since it had never been done before (to the best of our knowledge) it was a unique selling proposition for both the alliance and its corporations.  We capitalized on it and recruited heavily, being backed by a well-known podcast helped.

For me personally, it had always been a double-edged sword.  I clearly understood the attraction of trying a “sector-spanning” alliance but I never was comfortable with the concept of being associated with nullsec life style.  In the dozens of interviews that I conducted with recruits, the nullsec experience was always considered as a blemish on a pilot’s career record especially if the corp was allied with eg. Goons, Russians or TEST.  It didn’t matter much what the actual pilot did, they were guilty by association.  Nullsec is a cesspool, no matter how much you wash after you swam in it, you will always stink.

And then we had some theft, orchestrated by a TEST pilot who dropped out of TEST for the purpose to join our corp, rob us and then rejoin TEST.  He was impatient and stupid and damage was limited but it was clear that his alliance and corporation tolerates and encourages theft and similar shenanigans.  I personally lost a Tengu and a fully loaded Drake – probably 50% of my working capital.  Our sister corp was hit harder even, for a bizarre reason that was also nullsec-related, details are not really that interesting – theft is theft for whatever motivation.

So, I made up my mind, when the day comes where we are setting ourselves “Blue” to a known nullsec powerbloc and fold the nullsec corp back into our alliance, I will quit and find a new home.  I was going to do this without drama, plenty of transition time for the team take to care of the things I do.  Also I planned no attempt of starting a new corp or otherwise giving the impression that things are not in order.  To this end, I prepared my assets, started packing, trained successors and generally was looking forward to start something new in New Eden.  I clearly informed our alliance leader of this and emphasized that I spoke as a player / person not for the corp.  Nobody else knew about my decision.  Shame my alliance leader who I had supported for >1 year through his various personal and in-game drama episodes flew off a handle over my decision.  He expected that his ideas are carried out without any question from his underlings I suppose.  Anyway.

On the corporation level, some questions were raised that needed answering.  The most important was security.  Being aligned with a nullsec bloc would make us instantly into a strategic asset and viable target for those that we are at war with.   Neither on corp level nor the alliance level did we discuss these implications.

This omission was raised in a director’s call (which I missed, RL has started again) and the consequences are now clear.  We quit the alliance with all WH corporations leaving the nullsec entities running their own path.  To be clear, we did not set them blue, we do not have any further agreements with them and the ties are completely cut.  For someone who put a lot of hours in building this dream, this was actually quite hard.  Not even a “thank you” from the alliance leadership.

I guess I could go all bitter and rage for a while but I don’t.  I am extremely happy that we are out of the Alliance and don’t have to play by someone else’s playbook.  We are exposed to the normal dangers in WHs but we are not inviting large scale wars by being associated with a known entity.  Evicting us is as easy now as it was before but the bragging rights are much reduced.  We are just a couple of WH corps now and below most people’s radar.

And thats the way I like it.

13 responses to “Separate Ways

  1. “Nullsec is a cesspool, no matter how much you wash after you swam in it, you will always stink.”

    That one drew a smile onto my face.

    I reckon with all the stuff we are writing, our former alliance leader probably feels confirmed that we never shared his vision and betrayed his faith in us.

    • Kai, thank you for your comment. Yes, I would like to chat. I wish you guys the best and am looking forward to see your stories of nullsec conquest.

      Nullsec is simply not my game – that is my personal decision and I don’t need to justify it. Nothing I ever read / saw about nullsec wants me to go there. But for the corp, I actually talked at length to my crew how we could practically do this – secure our WH corp against theft and asshattery while being associated with you and TEST. My goal was to prepare the corp as much as I could, the go to highsec with my boats, drop roles and quietly fade out. I would miss the people but make no attempt to “steal” anyone. In fact, one of our guys wanted to fly with you and we scouted him a secure route out.

      Anyway. I hope we can catch up and chat and if there is something we can do for you, please let me know. On a personal level, I consider us still friends. On the corp level, it was maybe just not a good idea to form an alliance.

        • I agree. My blog is where I write what I think. But I am always available for a discussion, in writing or TS or wherever.

          And before we go on, please remember just how much work I personally have put into Z3R0 – Jade’s corp, not mine. A small group of people kept Z3R0 going when Jade quit. The same group moved it to the C4. The same group kept it going – and then grew it – when Jade decided to go to nullsec with SMA at first and then full time. Then, the Academy – again very much in line with what Jade was thinking. So, I think I pulled my weight for the alliance and the wormholes.

          If I don’t want to be associated with nullsec that’s my own decision. Everybody can play this game they want to.

  2. PS. Kai, there was no threat, how could there be. I question whether a formal alliance between a nullsec bloc and a WH corp is actually do-able, thats all.

    • The thing is it wasn’t just you that built zero up, the main person was jade and at first and all the way through when he was CEO and also I did my bit and alot of others. You did do the academy which I saw some of the mails you was sending out. I have alot of friends on the inside, and how the cucumbers can’t be trusted lol. The leadership of that corp was the same leadership that you once had aswell as the allaince has. I will always defend my postion always.

      • I never said it was me alone. But the team we had put a lot of work in Jade’s dream. I was part of that team. When Jade announced that he would take the Alliance to nullsec, my personal story ended, its that simple. I never made a drama out of it and supported him 100% and very much promoted his plan.

        For me personally, the buck stopped at nullsec and I was going to rather leave the corp quietly and start new than to stay. I never made a drama out of this. Not sure why we have a discussion about this now? Are you not happy with the situation? Ah! I know, you miss our wormhole! Well, Kai, for you as nullsec pilot, I will make an exception, come and fly with us in the C2. Or bring an alt into the corp. Teach us your tricks, you are very welcome. It would be good to fly together again. We dropped a Raven yesterday, you would have loved that mission…

  3. I miss friends but with a lot of things you had no clue and none of you wormholers understood why jade did what he had to do. Which was because a lot of people was mailing personal stuff and it was the easiest way to let all the wormhole corp to do what they wanted without losing some key members. You did cause drama and if you don’t think so you should look at you old mails. You wasn’t 100% because you always was against us and with a lot of mails that I have seen shows this. No thank you for the offer but I will be rather a be: “Nullsec is a cesspool, no matter how much you wash after you swam in it, you will always stink.” and loyal to my friends, than a lot of people that stab people in the back.

    • Ok, we have reached the limit what I can do on this blog. There are too many misunderstanding between us. I would like to chat to you on TS and get this cleared. There is no need to have this between us. I consider us friends with different attitudes about the game. That is pretty normal. We don’t have to agree but we need to get this clear. Lastly, if you have a problem with me personally, that’s fine. But I have never spoken for the WH corps – I am not CEO and have no ambitions to be one. Let me know when you want to chat.


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