4 Covetors, 3 pods, 1 fun evening

Our little wormhole academy is in full swing – we have 4 pilots join us in our C2 this week and we have more interviewing.  Strangely, I was worried that the loss of advertisement from our former podcasting alliance leader would mean a drop in recruit quality or quantity but the opposite has been the case.  We get solid recruits through the forums and – of course – using our preferred method of shooting at them first, then telling them about our little academy. That has worked twice before and it shows me a couple of things, one, EVE is only as dark and mean as people make it and, two,  Wormholers are a strange breed – the isolation that we expose ourselves to forms a weird kinship even between opposing teams.

But there was one guy who we will not invite to join us, while we appreciate newb-ness and put a lot of time into training pilots, basic common sense is required, even for us.

So, a couple of days ago, the crew takes takes our newest member to do some site running and scouting and Gerandor scans down a brace of Covetors floating at a grav site.  Gerandor has turned from a peaceful high security miner into a bloodthirsty hunter and he scans down the targets in no time, brings in Skip and our recruit and drops both miners and their pods in one smooth motion.  He thinks they may been running on a macro or just afk but one way or the other, the miner must have been asleep at the wheel. It was a nice introduction for our newest crew member to WH life, making ISK first in anoms, then getting a stalk / drop on a hapless victim, you can’t ask for much more on your first day 😉

A few hours later, I log in and am casually following the breadcrumbs of bookmarks Gerandor and his crew laid for me.  I am only half awake after a pretty rough day at work and jump into the C2 where the Covetors dropped.  Its empty now and I scan down the new wormholes, a low sec that I ignore and a C1b where I find: nothing.  From there a C2c where I find even less.  Dead end and our hole home has seriously gone End-of-Life and I need to go “home” and sleep.  So back to the C2 where I spot a Drake on Dscan – likely at the POS.  We have safe observation spots everywhere and yes, I get eyes on a Drake.

Hm.  Might he be wanting to solo some of the abundant sleeper anomalies?  I make really bad PvP decisions when tired and lost a few bombers in ill-advised engagements and so I promise myself to continue this tradition and take a shot at this drake if he really is going to solo a sleeper site.  My addled brain decides to wait until the last sleeper dies and then pound him from a decent range.  I won’t get my warp disruptor on him but I can hope that his shield is compromised from the PvE fight and with faction torps, target painter and my – pretty decent – missile skills, I may be able to “alpha” him.

But he logs off!  Instead a Crane cloaky blockade runner logs in and flies to the POS and mills around.  Now thats even juicier than a the drake – he may head out for fuel and I have intel for the entire system.  And yes he warps to the low sec, I follow and start my little 1 man camp at the gate while waiting for him to return.  My team is cleaning up sleepers next door and is eager to get into the fight when another ship shows blips on dscan.  So, I am not alone in this hole after all.   Holefire.  The Crane jumps back in, spits him out 15km away from me.  Reflexively, I decloak, target him and try to scram him while burning towards him.  If I am within 2.5km, he cant cloak.  But I lose, my targeting is too slow and he is gone.  I curse on TS, blame my tiredness, ready to head home, really and sleep when I spot the Hauler on Dscan and 2 covetors.  This guy brought in replacements for the covetors we dropped earlier.  Banter on TS, wouldn’t it be sweet if he would start mining and we dropped on him again? But nobody could be this dumb, right? I mean, we are still online, the hole to our system is still there, he knows we have the bookmarks and I just tried to shoot his hauler.  I mean, really?

But thats exactly what he does.  Both Covetors fudze at the Hangar Array and then warp off to the grav site – different rock and it takes me almost a full minute to get into position and fly my team in.  I am still half expecting an ambush so I am very happy when one of our pilots volunteers to be “eyes” at their POS and sniffs for trouble while our three bombers get into position.  Skip is FC-ing and while it is easy to kill a miner, its not so straight forward to coordinate 3 cloaked bombers in the middle of a Gravitational site where pretty much everything can decloak you.  Add that one of your fleet mates is about to pass out and take a faceplant into the keyboard and the other is a bit green and you could have a “situation”.  But Skip coordinates the attack well and our faction torps blow up the covetors like a rotten apple under a combat boot(*) .  I catch one of the pods and scram it but put my torps onto the other covetor.  We miss the second pod but mine blows up in a tasty wee flash and I even scoop his corpse.

Whilst we are pumped, we just shake our heads in disbelief.  The same guy misses getting scanned down, loses 2 ships, 2 pods.  Then he misses me scanning his system down. He misses me targeting his cloaky hauler.  Then he misses 3 more combat pilots come into his hole (all on d-scan from the grav site where he is at).  Hard to believe.  But he is a good sport though and mails my corp mate instead of ranting, he just laughs it off:

From: Sereat
To: Cyric Baenre,

Did not expect you to come back again, figured 2 coveters youd be gtg..caghtme completly unaware and between D-Scans this time.  And last time fo rthat matter.

I assume you BMed the roids so snuck right in.

Re: Nice,
From: Cyric Baenre
To: Sereat,

Heya friend,

Actually i just got lucky, a corp mate happened to see you in system again so we booked over there for some more target practice  :)

Thanks for being cool about it, its all in good fun mate.

Fly safe(er)


Overall, we had an entertaining evening – got some fun kills, practiced fleet work, scanning and generally teamwork.  And I am sure we offered some guidance to a Covetor pilot….


* I need to remember this analogy, sounds like something that my fiction piece could use…. 😉

2 responses to “4 Covetors, 3 pods, 1 fun evening

  1. Very nice. I have not gotten that lucky unfortunately. I take the old stealth bomber into our neighboring holes when there’s nothing to do in our hole, but have never once come across a potential target. I know it’ll happen sooner or later, but until then, I will live vicariously through your blog adventures.

    • Ah, yes, bombers are the best ship for WH PvP – cheap enough to risk, stealthy so you can (mostly) pick your fights and with good skills their burst damage is extremely good. No de-cloaking targeting delay also – which is a big deal for surprise attacks.

      With respect to opportunity, if you have a really small corp in WH space, you basically make managing it your game. Fuel production, scanning, closing holes and farming the local sleeper sites make a full EVE day. Even with a team, I often log in and ask myself, what shall today, PI Farmville or EVE? With a larger crew you can share the load to quite some extent and in our corp, everyone scans, everyone scouts and everyone helps with logistics.

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