The Mouse that Roared

Friday night in EVE is a rare treat, I tend to go out with friends but everyone is traveling this long weekend, leaving me “stranded” in New Eden.

I settle in with an enormous glass of cheap red wine and a bag of sweet treats and all I miss to look like a real gamer is a 2L soda can under my table so I don’t need to leave the game for bathroom breaks.  I don’t drink soda, that is a problem.

Logging in finds me in my circle of old friends (our newly minted Director, Skip is online as well – congrats Skip!), Thunderweasel who we recruited after shooting his friend and who is an awesome scout and bomber pilot and Aanamli, our new recruit, technically a bitter old nullsec veteran but new to WH.

The crew greets me with stories of massive traffic in our little Wormhole, we have our two static holes, of course, plus a C4 from the “Transmission Lost” alliance.  We had a low sec pilot spouting insults in /local and basically our home had more tourist traffic than the Grand Canyon on Labor Day weekend.

But now all is quiet and I lust for adventure.  I could do PI!  Farmville. Yes its great ISK. But with a hole full of traffic and a belly full of wine, it may not be a good idea. So, I check in on our C4 neighbor, the hole from the famous “Transmission Lost”  Alliance, after all, they have to mine and run PI the same way as everyone else and maybe I can snag one of their guys.  That would please me – I came across them several times, they are a pretty darn well respected outfit and blowing something from them up would tickle me pink.

But their C4 is empty.  No pilots, nothing.  I scan down the ladar and grav sites in the system for later use as ambush and go back home to change ships, shake my crew out of our bubble to run our single anomaly when probes and a single Drake appear in our system, obviously running our last anomaly.  Which is ok, as long as we get to shoot him afterwards.

I switch to my Falcon and my crew to assault frigate, Hurricane and a stealth bomber.  By then we know that the drake is from “Transmission Lost” and likely came from the C4.  My cloaked alt parks himself there as traffic observer in time to watch a Gila jump in to asist the Drake.   We also miss what scanner boat there was  there was, knowing the reputation of this alliance we are up against, I expect at least one more pilot in system.

While the Gila and the Drake run our site, decision is made to engage nevertheless.  My job in my Falcon is to shut down the Gila and the Drake, we have two tacklers keeping both ships on the field but the drones worry us.  The Drake doesn’t fly any but the Gila is a beast for that and has Garde II deployed – nasty sentry drones that can really hurt our under-armored crew.  My guys are ready to warp in when a Legion T3 Strategic Cruiser blips up on D-scan and disappears again.  He had the same name structure as the Gila and the Drake, so yes, we have at least 3 competent PvP-ers in the hole against our motley crew. I kiss good-bye to my Falcon, hand over FC to Aanamli (I have eyes on the field but he has more PvP experience) when the Drake warps back to his C4 hole and jumps through.

Now or never, command is given to engage.  I decloak and target the Gila at my maximum range.  Timing works out, when my crew lands, the Gila is already locked down – his drones engage me but at that range, its just a bit of shield damage I can take.  The Gila gets scrammed by Skip in his Hurricane and pounded on by our three DPS ships.  We expected his drones as  only damage source and while we could take them out first, the decision was made to simply alternate the scram between the assault ship and the Hurricane when Drone damage gets too much.  This makes the fight a little easier to manage but more dangerous.  As long as we have 1 scram on him, we will take him down.  Well, and as long as my ECM holds.  If it doesn’t and this guy gets a lock, we are screwed.  /me Sweaty Palms.

And all works as planned!  Gila is coming down in shield nicely, Skip in his Hurricane attracts the wrath of the drones and while missiles and torpedoes rain on on the Gila, my jamming holds 100%.  My alt watches the C4 hole for the cavalry and I have my mouse over the Amarr racial ECM mod, expecting the Legion to engage any second.

Skip needs to warp away, the drone damage is too much, somehow Aanamli misses a scram which lets the Gila warp free, leaving his wrecks.  He goes back home and we are under no illusion that he will be back with some scary fleet.  For us, the fight seems over and we congratulate ourselves scaring the snot out of an expert PvPer from a reputable alliance.

But he comes back alone, same ship, which means that he has a fleet on the other side of the Wormhole ready to pound on us.  He warps back to the field, leisurely looting and thanking us in /local for allowing him to take his stuff.  He could have renamed his ship “Bait”, it would not have been any more obvious but  as pjharvey said, “Bait not taken is unfulfilled” so we engage again, same crew, same fits.  He takes a lot of damage and things look great for us when the wormhole flashes and his mates file in.  All I needed to see was 2 Tengus and I warn my crew to warp away – since they had expected this, they were aligned and there was no drama at all – all we leave is a flight of Warrior IIs.

So, we lost a flight of drones but we jumped a faction ship from a well-known alliance, I’d call that a good night’s work.  I quickly convo the Gila pilot to wish “gf” and he responds with a compliments for our little operation and I invite him to be a guest instructor for our little academy:

Epigene > want to come over formally as guest instructors?
Bane Nucleus > haha you guys seem to have it well in order
Bane Nucleus > considering we didnt get any of you
Epigene > we try
Bane Nucleus > your training seems smoother than mine did
Bane Nucleus > haha
Epigene > I lost a lot of ships
Epigene > bombers mostly
Bane Nucleus > same here
Bane Nucleus > i flew bombs like assault frigs
Bane Nucleus > bombers*
Epigene > yeah, same
Epigene > especially when drunk
Bane Nucleus > lmao

We keep chatting about the little engagement, he links the fit of his Gila and I the fit of my make-shift Falcon and we ponder how we could have done this better… We swap stories about WH academies and the weird urge to click D-scan even when you are docked in a station.  He comes across as a guy who knows his stuff and is not a dick about it.  I warn him that I will write about our engagement on this blog…

Epigene > my blog. will write about this 😉
Bane Nucleus > give me a sec, ill check it out
Epigene > didnt get screenshots, why dont you come back and pose? 😉
Bane Nucleus > i dont like how my wreck looks this early in the morning
Bane Nucleus > haha
Epigene > lol

He sets me “neutral” and adds me as a contact – so we can roam with him if the timing works out.

I know this is a long blog post but I need the space to explain why this was simply a perfect night in EVE.  I got to hang out with my friends and we execute a solid plan quite well.  We get compliments from the guy we wanted to blow up and I have a respectful and funny conversation afterwards.

Again and again, the reputation that EVE is a evil and mean spirited world of asshats is proven to be untrue.  Sure there are idiots – easy to ignore – but the majority are great guys.  And that is what keeps me in the game.

9 responses to “The Mouse that Roared

  1. /sigh. Wish I had been able to get on last night. One more ship to the battle might have gotten the kill. Sounds like fun was had anyway though.

    • It was an awesome run – basically, no shits were given, if we had lost boats, it would have been worth it. Like the time when you, Skip and I _almost_ engaged the Thanatos… 😉

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