no love among the pilots

Its late when I log in and my corp has thoroughly cleared the neighborhood of sleepers filling coffers, expending missiles and in the process scanned down our adjacent hole.  All is explored except a single C2 which has a mass critical connection, means any boat that jumps through it may find the wormhole collapse on them and their way home shut.  Of course, I can’t resist to stick my head through, after all, this goes both ways, the hunters don’t like the hole because it closes their way home, the hunted often feel safe behind a mass critical hole for the same reason.  This specific hole even says that collapse is imminent.   My bomber is equipped with a probe launcher so, in I go.  The hole flares and I find myself in D-scan range of two miners and a jet can.  Ohh….

Now while this is very lucky – few, few people mine in C2s, its simply not worth it, ISK wise, you are much better off running PI or sleeper sites instead – we have not scanned down this hole yet and I have no bookmarks.  I carry only Core Scanner probes which will allow me to find the Gravitational site where the miners are at work but not very quickly – the bomber has no scanning bonus – and not very efficiently.  So, snapshot decision, I bring my alt in its Buzzard over as well, he has better scanning skills, the Buzzard has bonuses and I even stuck some scanning implants into his head.  So, he can scan / fly in.  I can fleet my bomber and fly on top of them and merrymaking shall ensue.

So, my Buzzard jumps in and the hole collapses.  Really?  A single CovOps was enough to push this wormhole over the edge?  Sigh.  Will have to scan my way out – these guys too have a low security static hole and another C2 somewhere.  But back to business, where have the miners gone?  Well, the jet can is still there but the miners are gone – instead they turned into a Drake, Wolf and a Thorax, slightly odd mixture of boats but all of them are a threat to my glass cannon, so lets not rush into things.

A threatening display of combat ships inside their POS

They mill around their poses with scary posturing of dangerous ship names and rotate through a number of ships, evidently not decided which they shall use to hunt my cloaked bomber down with.  While they do that, I get something to eat and let them make up their mind.  I come back and see – an Orca.  Oh, I respond to that like Pavlov’s dog to a bell.  The Orca is named helpfully Holecloser or something (it always confuses me, why do people advertise what they are about to do with their ship names?) and it dutifully warps away, together with the Drake and the Wolf.  And while the two combat ships stay on my D-scan, the Orca disappears, suggesting that it does the job it’s name implies.  So, they think I came through another hole (nobody is nuts to jump through a screamingly mass-critical hole, yes? yes?) and they slam the door shut on me.  Ah, shucks.

I dont want to tangle with an alert crew.  Blowing up half asleep industrialists is more my thing so, I go and do some housework – my hope is that they will resume their mining op and I can then do the pjharvey scanning thing and blow me up a brace of miners.  How I will warp disrupt two miners, I have no idea but we shall see.

When I get back 1/2 hour later, the Wolf and the Drake still fly all over the map, skitting to the sun, various customs offices and so on, I don’t know what the plan is here.  Are they trying to decloak me? They tried to combat-probe me down but I have not decloaked for over an hour, not launched probes etc.  All they could possibly know are my ship types when I came in.

Its late, I can’t get home, work wants me early tomorrow so I decide to stage a sleep-over.  I fly as far away from the two POS and log off.  I don’t think they have another cloaky ship online, so I am pretty sure they don’t see me and I come back tomorrow, scan the sigs down and then pound them when they log in and feel secure.


What will this day bring?  I have the element of surprise, I scanned down their exits, I have bookmarks, intel, know the size of their grandmothers knicker’s and am loaded for (care)bear. I added this crew as contacts but while they are online, they are not in the system.  Hanging around in the POS is, you guessed it, the lone Wolf. This is getting tiring. I can see their many refining arrays running at full steam. I can see when their refining cycles are done, for Pete’s sake.  So, get out there and mine!  I scanned down their Grav sites and made beautiful ambush warp in, I sussed out which rocks they will likely go in, I have a plan in my head how to get two miners with one bomber (ok, maybe my alt in his Buzzard has a point also… ) and all they have to do is to get back to work and we all have a fulfilled evening.

But there is no love among capsuleers.  After another hour or so of waiting (my kitchen was never this clean) and reports from my crew that we have a nice route back into our home system, I say, screw it and jump to lowsec – a really busy faction war system and then into highsec, 6 jumps across Amarr space and back into my home.  It was worth it and I will do it again, sleep-overs are always fun – but just slightly on the frustrating side when they don’t work out.


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