Grand Theft POS

Logging in finds me in an unfamiliar ship.  I forgot that I replaced my trusty nemesis bomber with a brand new cloaky Tengu strategic cruiser as my standard ship.  Its fugly but functional and should dish out a decent amount of damage whilst being able to scan well enough and take some damage – not the bomber which basically has the structural integrity of a toilet paper roll.  But risking a 600mil ISK boat instead of my 100mil bomber will take a different mindset.

 My corp mates are sleepy and relaxed, milling around our home, clearing some sites and basically chilling. Our C2 static died a slow death and Evenstar scans down our new hole.  Jumping though, he finds a few haulers hanging around doing nothing but our collective ears perk up.  Haulers with pilots in it may mean PI runs, mining or fuel logistics and basically is our reason for being in space.  So, I too head over in my shiny Tengu and we find a few POS-es, make observation perches and try to get a feeling for what is happening.
Looks like someone is shuttling ships from one POS to another and while this is not exactly exciting, at least someone is awake in this hole and does something.  Too often, we run into wormholes that are basically devoid of any action altogether, so, one guy moving ships warrants some attention.
With all ships moved, the pilot jumps into a hauler and starts off-lining and tearing down the POS modules, hangar arrays, ship arrays, guns etc.  Basically, he is turning one his POSes off and moving the modules to his active POS.  More of our guys log in, smell action and filter into the neighboring hole and I am getting worried.  Not that we are seen or lose ships or something but we have so much firepower that there is no way everyone can be the inevitable killmail.  Basically, we have 4 bombers and 1 Tengu versus a single Iteron V.  Life ain’t fair.

A lone Iteron, turning off the lights of his POS. Almost romantic. What backstory is there? Lost love? We shall steal his POS and destroy his hauler…

Well, we guess we could blow him up as soon as he offlines the last gun on this POS.  I suggest that we don’t even do that but actually steal the POS altogether.  I have done that before (before my blogging time) and it can be a lot of fun, just the timing has to work out. Un-anchoring a medium POS takes 30min exactly and people who do that tend to know the mechanics pretty well.
Anyway. We decide to wait and steal the POS rather than drop a near-empty hauler.  I bring my Viator into the hole and true enough, our target flies the Itty into his empty POS, turns off the bubble and starts the 30min timer.  He warps away and likely has a drink, there is nothing for him to do for now.  Same for us.  We hang out in TS, wait, chat, banter, basically do what guys do after work, hang out, drink beer and solve the riddles of the universe.

Our target hangs out in his active POS, waiting for the timer on his other POS to drop to zero. We watch him, drink beers to his health and talk politics, religion and women.

The timer goes close to 5 minutes, we straighten up a little and plan the next move when a Rokh pops up on D-scan and blips off again, likely someone to just update his skill queue or PI extractors or something.  He didn’t warp to the dead POS and as far as we can tell he is from a different corp in the same hole – so, maybe they don’t talk to each other much.  In any case, its not a big deal.
I warp in my Viator to ~10km and wait for the timer.  The plan is to ambush the Itty before he has a chance of scooping the offlined POS – because if he does manage to do that, we are subject to the loot fairy, there is a chance that the POS won’t fall out of his wreck.  We don’t want that….
2 minutes out and the hauler moves inside his other POS shield.  I have eyes on him from my main character of course but instead of warping into our loving embrace (and again, we have so many torpedo launchers waiting for him that someone will go home empty tonight…) he swaps into a Helios CovertOps frigate.  Now that is unusual.  I am concerned that he “smelled the roast” (a German expression, I try to enrich the English language by translating German idioms.  Like “the devil is a squirrel” and “thats better than a rusty nail in the eye” or my favorite: “that fits like ass on bucket”).  He warps – uncloaked to the site and we are not sure what to do.  He is at range, our bombers tend to be slightly too slow to lock a CovOps frigate and we really want the hauler.  He warps away.

Image Courtesy of Evenstar

I am loosing patience and when the timer runs to zero, the POS un-anchors, I put the pedal to the metal of my Viator, decloak and aim straight for it.

Image courtesy of Evenstar

It feels weird, I know I have 3 bombers and my own Tengu watching over me but I can see only one of them.  The Covert Ops frigate is still decloaked somewhere in the system and on D-scan from me – so he can see what is happening.  He must be kicking himself – all this time waiting and there it is stolen right under his nose.  I am sure he also has no idea just how close he was to be getting blown up.
We laugh heartedly, the Helios still hangs somewhere but starts throwing probes our way.  Core probes.  Not combat.  He probably had no idea where we came from and is trying to solve this mystery.  I warp my Viator home and drop the POS into our common array, it shall be a good-bye present for when one of our number decides to spin out his new WH corp and we send him off with a shovel and a song, so to speak.  In the meantime we contemplate that this was a fun night out.  No shots were fired, nobody “died”, no real ISK was made.  But we had a good laugh, spent time with friends and basically enjoyed EVE as entertainment.  What better way to close a night?

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