A double ganked Proteus

I know, I know, I promised a hiatus from playing and blogging but here it is, yet another story of our little Wormhole Academy having fun with our neighbors.  Now I have to say that we are not a real PvP outfit, with screaming FCs, primary-ing fleet members who are in non-authorized fits and CTAs that last for days.  We are pretty casual about it and tap shamelessly into the experience of our recruits.  We also have several relatively new players who came from nullsec corps and are vastly better in FC-ing than our instructors.  Great!  I shut up, and you tell me what to do.

So, we are poking around in our Wormhole constellation, I am back in my trusty, cloaky, overtanked Proteus, and we have everyone else in cloaky recons or bombers.  We are more scanning than hunting and trying to find some routes.  I must admit that I was kinda looking for trouble.

So, I jump back into our C2 neighbor from its C1 static and see a Myrmidon and a wreck on D-scan.  Oh, thats interesting.  You can use a Myrmidon for site running in a C2 but soloing is hard –  the tank isn’t great and the vast majority of damage comes from its drones, not guns. And recalling a drone when it gets aggro is a royal pain in the butt.  I tried it and trained for Drake pretty soon afterwards…. But kudos to those who make it work and I am keen to turn him into a tidy little white triangle.

But its not to be.  The Myrm warped off, stays on D-scan and a Proteus blips up with the same name structure and disappears.  My amateur psychology tells me that the guy was indeed running a site when he saw my Proteus come in and got spooked.  He now switches to a cloaky ship and assesses the situation.  He parked the Myrm in the POS shield, empty.

Ok. Now what.  He knows I am here.  My corp has been running around his system for a bit so he may know that I am not alone.  We decide to bait him.

One of our newer players has a lot of nullsec experience, jumps into a Thrasher and plays dumb-noob.  Warps to the sun, warps to some planet, hangs out at holes etc.  Stuff that testosterone-pumped up high sec mission runner with aspirations would do in a WH.  Just in our case, he is shadowed by me in my cloaky Proteus.  On the other side of our wormhole, we have 1 more Battlecruisers waiting and Skip is in our POS incessantly musing what kind of ship he should bring.  He has too many – apparently WH life pays well 😉

The Thrasher bait doesn’t work.  The Proteus either smells a rat or in fact doesn’t care – either way, we are not getting anywhere here.  So Skip volunteers to be bait – he will use his ordinary PvE Drake and solo the site that our host had started.  We assume that our host a) feels righteous about “his” property, b) thinks Skip works on his own, why else would he run the site solo and c) thinks himself invincible since he likely has the site bookmarked.  It is a common fallacy in military strategy to overestimate home-field advantage and hang on to ground for non-strategic reasons.  People defend emotionally-laden ground longer and harder than they should.

So, Skip warps in, gets sleeper aggro and starts shooting the wee red crosses.  He is making progress and I sneak up on him. The assumption is that the enemy Proteus is short range fitted and I need to be on top of Skip in order to make the trap slam shut.  On the other side of our WH home, we have 2 guys in Battlecruisers.  Life ain’t fair.

So while Skip plinks away at the sleepers I get between him and his targets. My new PC graphics show his missiles race past my cloaked ship and admire the view when I decloak.  Apparently one of the missiles was closer than 2500m from me, damn!  I recloak asap but the damage may have been done.  I could kick myself, who knew that missiles can decloak?

I keep range so that this doesnt happen again and try to swing to Skip’s rear end (his ship’s stern, that is).  He is on his last wave, 2 sleepers left and he is out of tank when the Proteus decloaks 13km from me, right on top of him.

Crap! this can go horribly wrong.  A well designed Proteus may alpha Skip away who has pretty much no shield left.  I decloak, step on the gas, hit MWD and barrel my (previously aligned, thank goodness) mini-Battleship into scram range.  Skip calls for backup and I can tell that he is not looking forward to lose another Drake but Simon and Rahvin are already in the system and warp on top of me.  I grab the Proteus, web, scram, blasters, hit my tank, set orbit for 1000m and start scratching the paint of my target. He is no dummy and stays on Skip – he could bring him down with him now that he knows that this was a setup.  But then our two BCs land on grid, Simon in a Myrmidon and Rahvin in his ‘cane.  I still have a soft spot for the Myrm and rejoice when when I see him unload a fist full of drones. We should probably have him pack ECM drones in the future but for now, raw DPS suits me well.

I get full sleeper aggro which is fine by.  These last two cruisers can plink away all they want, I just go get a coffee.  A neut from the Proteus would be bad and it would be bad if he had friends etc but no.  We watch D-scan as he goes out of shield into armor since its an armor tanked boat, we get ready for quite some shooting.

Sorry, Mr Proteus, but your gank didn’t exactly go as planned…

So, he dies in some pretty explosion and the Pod warps away – was aligned.  He hangs out at the POS, I keep eyes on him while my crew cleans up the remaining sleepers and gets a salvager.

Then he convos Skip and I won’t steal Skip’s thunder (he promised to write his account of this fight) but basically, the guy is a cool dude who has no hard feelings.  We tell him about our little corporation and he is interested, sends me his API and will chat this weekend.  He is also a hardcore PC geek and Skip and he compared the size of their – err – computers.  Really, these two are the only guys I ever met who have pictures of their rigs ready for sharing.  A match made in heaven, I think for this alone we need to fly with him 😉 Btw, we have great experience with shooting first, recruiting afterward.  We have done this twice before and I wrote about it here and here.  The guys we recruited are awesome and this method already has gained some reputation in our alliance 😉 Shotgun Marriage!

Bottom line, the fun part of this evening was not the kill. It was going out patiently with my WH crew and do what we do best.  Small, smart fight with with great crew members who think on their feet, work as a team and are just really nice guys.

I mean, really. What an amazing game.

Edit.  The Proteus Pilot will indeed fly our alliance and what is even more amazing is that he videoed his ambush.  He put it on youtube.  Thank you!  Great attitude, looking forward to fly with you! 

2 responses to “A double ganked Proteus

  1. I’m a Proteus man myself. I’ve had the same one for well over a year. It’s gotten me outta nullsec, lowsec, w-space and even some iffy lvl 4 hisec missions alive. I vowed never to replace my expensive ships once lost, so I’m really glad she’s still flying strong. My Proteus was my main sleeper boat in my C2, so it’s a wonder I was never ambushed. So here you go again…another awesome story full of awesome Gallente ships killing other awesome Gallente ships :-(. I liked reading about the Loki kill better lol. Keep up the good work my friend.

    • I agree, I like the Proteus, but for very specific reasons – for PvE, I think I still use the Tengu. For PvP, the massive tank I put on this boat is really useful. I recently trained for T2 Blasters and its nice to put them to good use….

      We now need to hunt a Legion… 😉

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