The next project….

Well, I quit Broken Wheel Mercantile and Trading (BWMT), the C2 training academy and joined my own outfit, a previously defunct Jita corp with zero assets.

There was no drama, this was discussed with the Alliance leadership but my role in BWMT has come to an end.  I helped set it up and we built a great team of friends who will take the corp to the next level whilst keeping the core mission – training newbs and funneling them to our other WHs – intact.  Expect wild tales of crazy risk-taking, lost and won fights and other shenanigans.  We have several active bloggers in the team, Skip of course and as of recently Evenstar (our newly minted CEO).  Btw, Evenstar was our first recruit – he was the guy who flew in cold without any expectations what WH life would be and his son were memorialized here.  That he now leads the corp was for me a sign that I can start looking around for something else to do.

Of course, I stay in the alliance.  These guys have been better friends to me that most “RL” friends and my only regret is that we can’t easily share beers.  No way I leave the Alliance, unless our fearless leader kicks me out.

So, what is the next project?  Well, I am not quite sure. I enjoy wormhole space and our Alliance is all about that elusive part of New Eden.  I do think that I have developed tunnel vision a little and that I could learn more from other parts of the game – Ms. Thalys has done the same thing and joined a Mercenary outfit to hone her skills and fly with “ethical killers“.  Her tales (scrubbed clean from all confidential content, of course) are intriguing and I am a little green with jealousy.

My goal is to start a small, hard team of a few like-minded friends to dive into wormholes and farm them for ISK and kills.  I will use my new High Sec base as well as our Alliance WHs as jump points and scout routes for my alliance mates to join the fun.  So, in effect, I am going back to WH life but without POS management and without the security of the big bubble.

My setup will be very simple at first, 2 accounts, 1 shooter, one spotter.  The shooter also to salvage.  Since I fully expect to get jumped frequently, I’ll start with Drakes, not my Tengu. The spotter is of course in a CovOps, maybe I get him a hacking module but I am not sure that I will attempt to solo radar / Mag sites at first.  In my experience in C2 WH, the cans are nearly worthless and there are far more sleepers to deal with.  But we shall see.  Later on, I may move in an Orca as a refit point containing a salvaging destroyer and create a presence that floats with the statics for a few days.  I will do that as soon as I can pay for a second Orca, just in case the first is blown up (dont fly what you cant lose, eh?)

Is this rocket science?  No, its done all the time of course, WH diving is a very common thing to do.  Its risky of course and involves quite a bit of scouting but it has low infrastructure needs.  If I can’t log in for a few days, so be it.  I won’t have to worry about towers to run out for example.

This is the plan for 2012.  In 2013, I probably will start recruiting, again for WH diving but also for some empire industry, something I know nothing about and I am intrigued to learn.

But until then, I will be flying solo, hunt wabbits, scout, set bookmarks and generally, well, play the game.


One response to “The next project….

  1. Hey friend. I’m excited for you and your new beginning. It’s always scary/exciting to start something new in Eve. That’s the great thing about this game: if you feel like you need something new, there’s always something new to try. Even going back to old stuff is sometimes fun. At least you can admit that w-space calls for you after a while. It sounds like you’ll never be far away. I’m pretty much the only one in my w-space system, so if you ever need a forward base of operations to get ready to invade another system, you’re always welcome…as long as it’s not my home you’ll be invading :-).

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