The Retribution for my sins…

Ok, the patch dropped.  CCP calls it an expansion, I call it a patch but we mean the same thing.  And as my long suffering Alliance Mates know, I am blissfully ignorant of the changes until I encounter them in space.  I do read “Jester” occasionally for updates but his rants have gotten a little tedious and I wish he was doing that CSM thing just so he gets under NDA and talks less.  But I digress, the short of it is, I know very little of upcoming changes until they hit me in the face.

So, in my spare time I roam WH space in my bomber looking for opportunities.  I wrote about my bomber before, despite being able to afford a shinier ship now, I stick with it.  It offers the best compromise between hefty punch, cloaky flying and of course it is cheap.  I do lose them occasionally – even had a near miss with a hole closing Orca’s Warrior II some time ago.  Damn, them drones were fast.  Anyway.

So, I roam along and the patch hits, downloads, client starts and I find myself in a strange wormhole.  Oh yes, I remember now.  I found a very tasty C2 (static C3, High sec) occupied by 2 corps from Talocan United.  This means, targets.  PI runners, miners, gas suckers.  I decided to stay for a while and scanned down the few sigs, then created a lot of deep safe spots and logged off for the night.

So, when I log back in after the patch, nothing changed, I warp to my safe spots, check D-scan, fly around the system and notice that at least 10 folks are online, thats just the pilots I see in their respective POS-es.

One of them even in a tasty Badger.  May he be getting ready for a PI run?

Badgers make nice targets

Badgers make nice targets

So, I wait, and wait.  Not moving.  Then he changes into some other ship and warps off.  Did I mention that this hole is packed full of Talocan United PvP boats?  An attack needs to be fast and furious for it to succeed.  Did I mention that I don’t have their new Static HS yet?  So, if I lose my ship, it will have to be Pod express.

Ok, so with the Badger stowed away, what else is going on here.  I warp around.  The PvP ships are occupied in their POS.  There are a number of Command ships, bombers and straight up DPS boats, even a floating Drake.  And then there is a “Venture” on D-scan.  What is that?

I need to look it up.  Ah, its the new mining frigate.  Oh, he’ll be mining then, won’t he. And there is grav site.  So, away I go.

Not at the grav site.  Hm.  He can’t be.  Can he be? There is a Ladar site and I check it out.  Ladar sites are nasty due to their very large and decloaking cloud.  I warp to 100 and notice, yes, there is the Venture clearly suckling gas.  A mining frigate?  I check the stats again”  5% reduction to gas cloud harvesting duration per level” and (!) “100% bonus to mining yield and gas cloud harvesting”.  A geez, I did not know this. This thing is awesome!  I want 10 of them.  Wait.  I dont live in a WH anymore.  Nevermind.

Tally Ho?


A tasty target?

A tasty target?

Ok, so I dont know this ship.  Its a frigate.  Let me check the stats.  Wtf?  2 Warp stabs?  I have a short point (+2) but he can warp away.  I can’t lock him.  Ok, ok, “could” try to bump him.  Or alpha him.  Well, I am in a bomber.  My torpedoes have great effect on large signature targets.  This thing has a 40m sig radius, slightly bigger than a my Nemesis (37) but still a lot smaller than, say, a gas sucking Moa (135).  So even if I was able to lock him down before the warps away, it will take a serious number of torpedoes to take him down.  Why oh why don’t they make Bombers with railguns? Need to call Duvolle, I guess. Why oh why did I dispense of my Target painter and replaced it with a Web? Dumb…

Ok, so what now.  I could engage.  Give the nature of this corp and the presence of at least 10 other ships in the system, I get 2 salvos off before the cavalry arrives.  Who are in bombers btw, so the decloak time is zero.

Nah, this is suicide.  Also, what does one of those Ventures go for? A few million?  I am not into the ISK efficiency calculation but I dont see much of a point suiciding my beloved Nemesis against a throw-away mining frigate.

So, when he is finally done, he warps to the POS where I can take a good look at him:

Not an easy target. This thing will change gas mining in WH space…

So, all in all, this was not a very successful foray into Talocan land.  I hang around a little and watch them do a PI run finally, a badger with a Falcon in tow.  I don’t think get cheap kills, so I drop probes, find the static highsec and leave them bask in their superiority.

8 responses to “The Retribution for my sins…

  1. I’m the same as you in the sense that I never really read into the patch notes, and I am more of a trial by error learner. The only exception for Retribution was the Venture. I heard about its gas bonuses and I read up on it. Everything else is Greek still. Also, you and I share the same great taste in bombers…GO NEMESIS! So if you venture (no pun intended) into my w-space, please don’t kill me or my Corp mates please. Rather, just drop a can and say hello. I hope your new digs are treating you well. Fly safe my friend.

  2. Well hell, lemme jump in here and not only ask for brother-in-holes courtesy but… extend an invite that if you ever do find yourself warping through to our side of the sky, pleas join us for a site or two… I’ll even lend ya a Venture to try out! Those things are a BLAST!!!

    And I agree w/ Red… Long Live the Bumber Fleet!!! o7

  3. I love bombers too. I recently flew with bombers bar (that’s the club who indiscriminately kills _whole fleets_ in nullsec with bomber squadrons. I have recently also received a lot of instruction on flying and fitting bombers on top of the practice.

    So please for the love of this frigate class, start training for something else than the Nemesis already. The thing is unfortunately broken and we can only hope that it will be fixed through ship balancing, but for now really every other bomber is better suited.

    • Dear Mme Thalys,

      I thought you were a staunch Gallente National! I have seen the Amarr Navy hot on your tail. I watch you race through their space flames coming out of your ship and now you are telling me, I need to fly Caldari? You already advised me to fly the Tengu which has the styling of a 1970s toaster and now you want me to get into a Manticore? That looks like a bottle opener?

      Ok, ok, let me lose my last 2 Nemesis and I switch to Manticore. /me grumbles

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