Stay inside the blob, stupid!

Quick disclaimer – I had a crummy day in FW, first I assembled a brand new Vexor and hurried to the rally point of our sizable fleet only to land smack in a very well set up hostile blob on the other side.  In the ensuing fights, I picked the wrong targets, was paying attention to fleet FC who was in a very different system and not my local environment. Subsequently, I lost the Vexor without taking anyone with me – that bugs me most.

Then my graphic card decided to play games on its own, basically rendering me useless for 15 minutes while I tried to find the source of my inability to click on anything in space.  It turned out that it was limited to the system I died in and as soon as I left – with my pod – into some other system, all was well.

So, I left my last spare Vexor behind and grabbed a pre-configured Atron, this time with MWD – it can do 4600m / s, so its a bit quicker than the last build.  In the meantime, our FC is pulling the scattered fleet of newbs together and intel is coming in that 2 Ev0ke fleets are on their way, ready to sandwich our cruiser gang.  30 Thrashers apparently.  Basically, I know this is the end of that Atron but I don’t care, last time, my decision to go after the ranged ECM ships made me very useful in a fleet and so I see myself not as a burden for now.

We wait on some gate, the hostile fleets are coming in nicely and the first one lands on grid, the other on the far side of the gate.  But the guys land at range, drop sentry drones and our team is busy just getting reps through.  We huddle the gate, knowing that if we burn towards the targets, the other team will jump in and cut us off.  We sit on this gate for a long time and while the  ranged-fitted guys in our fleet try to shoot down the sentry drones, I feel totally useless in a blaster frigate on the gate.  They are 40-60km away, my optimal is 1.2km… with my MWD, I can get there faster than anyone but what good will it do me?  So I sit and wait.  And wait and wait.

Then a enemy Condor shows up, 160km but on the other side of the us.  We know he is the damp fit (he had done this earlier) and taking him off the field would be a big advantage to the rest of my crew.   One of my fleet member is already running interference and I decide to use him as warp-in beacon.  The logic seems sound: they are fighting on the other side of the main group – meaning, I am getting even further away from the scrum where it tends to be the most dangerous for my wee ship.  The FC already told me that he won’t have spare cycles in his Logi for frigates which is fine by me.  Secondly, my target would be a condor, so I should be able to scare him off the field at least with my incredible speed and long point.

Well, so far so good and I did scare the condor but I totally missed to get out of range of its body guard, a Cormorant.  I was mentally blocked and felt like a cat looking at 2 laser dots at once – very confused and slightly paralyzed.  The Condor ran away – good – and the Cormorant scrammed my MWD and had me for breakfast – not so good.  Pod warps free, I am out of boats and I decide to call it a night.

I shot some video, this is my very first attempt, so don’t expect Oscar-worthy quality.  I’ll get into it, I promise

Fly very dangerously


2 responses to “Stay inside the blob, stupid!

  1. It’s too bad Eve doesn’t have a mechanic to give credit to roles like logistics, or interceptors. If you’re not in on the kill, you go un-celebrated and un noticed in the record books. That’d be a nice thing to have.

    • True-ish but if you apply any form of weapon, scram, painter etc onto a target and it subsequently dies, you are on the killmail – the Blackbird I tackled a few days ago was an example. Some Logi pilots use drones to get onto the killmails… I think the guys who deserve the most credit and don’t get much are the scouts, their job is most important and if they are doing their job right, nobody even knew they were there…

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