The Battle for Luminaire

When CCP announced a large staged live event, warned of death and destruction, that nobody would safe and that mayhem, chaos and various plagues will descend on Luminaire, I knew I had to be part of it. My alliance promised a good showing and we were determined to blow stuff up, what and for what purpose was a little unclear but such is warfare, I guess, you hear gunfire and your mates are going and you saddle up.

Well, this “RL” thing kept interfering and I got out of my C2 only at 15:00 with the event scheduled to kick off at 17:00. Down the pipe of some low sec systems in my bomber to Dodix to throw some random T1 frigate together. Missile Kestrel with tank. Keep range, fire on people, when they notice you, warp away. That was the plan. So, missiles loaded, Geico insured, blazing afterburners to the gate! Women and Children of Caldari Prime, you are safe, I shall rescue you!

I warp to the gate, big ball of activity, 200+ in local. Nevermind, the battle is starting soon! RP messages are a-flying! To Arms, To Arms.

Approach the gate, watch the vector, don’t screw this up now. 200 on my side, there must be 500 blap tornadoes on the other side. Keep it cool, get the heart rate down. Memorize the the sequence, jump, align, AB, warp. Say it 100 times. Sweaty palms. Now or never, little frigate, the RP moment is here. History will be made on the other side of the gate. Tales will be told about the valiant rescue of star vixens. This is the moment. I have material for my RP story.

Then my heart rate slows down. I am committed. I am ready. I am trained and I have a headless clone. I sent my goodbyes to my friends, family. A higher destiny awaits. I am at peace with the universe, one with it.

I press jump. May fortune favor the brave.




2 responses to “The Battle for Luminaire

    • Ha! Funny, I never saw this. Yeah I felt like this a bit. After all the hype and preparation, I sat on the gate like some idiot who forgot his tickets to a concert.

      Yes, we participated in a massive marketing stunt for DUST, thank you very much. But the inadequate design of EVE just does not allow the massive participation that the company promises and promotes.

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