Playing with the Neighbor – Part 1

Our C2 Wormhole corporation was originally designed as a quick training camp for mission runners and other carebears who wanted to try out WH space – if they liked it, they would move to one of the “higher” level holes and boost their ranks.  This has worked reasonably well and is still the goal but we have more and more great pilots staying with us for a simple reason – PvP is more frequent in the “lower” holes.

So, a few nights ago my colleagues found a C4 connecting to our C2 – we were their “static”.  The locals proceeded to move blockade runners through our hole and sporadic fire with our crew was exchanged, the odd Catalyst was blown up etc.  Apparently, they were in the middle of settling their system and setting up 3 towers.    When I came online my friends started bubbling up our side of the hole hoping to trap their haulers on their return trip from low security space.  Their Covert Ops boat bounced between our systems and despite bringing sensor-boosted bombers to the hole, we never got a clean shot at him.  In other words, we were getting nowhere fast.

They knew about us, we knew about them and to break the stalemate, I convoved the oldest character of their corp who was floating inside their POS (of course, we had perches for everything and everyone) with the intend to offer safe passage for the paltry sum of ISK 400mil.  A bargain, so to speak for a C4 corp.  Unfortunately, the pilot looked at my corp history and saw that I had been with them for 2 weeks and did not see me fit to negotiate with.  And while technically correct – this is an alt – it still irked me.  I helped build this damn corp!  Now some snot-nosed POS turd tells me I am not senior enough?  Ok, the bubble stays up, we are done talking here.

Quick fleet chatter what we do next and I notice that he has no hardeners on one of his POSes.  Could they possibly be in the blockade runner that we are blockading in low sec?  Oh, an idea springs to mind.  Lets blow up a POS.  We have never done this – its a nullsec thing that goons do while linking Penis-shaped icons in local channel, not something we do….

While we ponder how to do this, one of the C4 pilots reships into a Legion Strategic Cruiser.  I guess he is trying to intimidate our team.  So far, he has only seen us in cruisers and bombers.  Not a bad idea, really.  Bringing a T3 could intimidate us at other times in our history but not tonight, not with a full fleet of blood-thirsty PvPers.   My mates want this Legion dead and proceed to jump into the C4 to engage him.  I steal Skip’s Falcon and struggle with the mods requiring higher skills than I have on this character when the Legion warps to their side of the hole and engages our guys in their Ruptures.  One of our bombers is in the mix as well.

This could go quite wrong so I stop fudzing with the Falcon and just warp to my side of the hole. In warp, I figure out how Skip put this boat together and thankfully it has a rainbow set of ECM mods that I can use.  Nothing else will work, no tank, no prop mod, nothing in the high slots.

And then I land in our own bubble, 30km off the hole.  I dont think my cat has heard me use foul language like this in some time.

The fight on the other side of the hole is not going well –  Inside, the Legion dropped our tackling bomber – not exactly surprising but annoying.  Thisdex warps clear and Compayn and Rahvin engage the Legion in Ruptures – Evenstar and 5ilent are inbound with  Manticores while Sweir and Dean bring Drakes.  And while I curse into my muted mike for having to slowboat (no prop mod, remember?) out of our own warp bubble I hear that our Ruptures are going down as well. Still Dean Sweir holds tackle but he cant hold it forever, he’ll go down next if I don’t make it to the hole asap.

I finally jump and have the fight 25km in front of me, far too close for comfort in this paperplane.  But sitting on the hole is the safest place for me, so I hug it tight, decloak, target the Legion and hit the Amarr racial ECM.  Dean Sweir, here I am, saving your Drake.

Nothing happens.  Dean Sweir is getting really low in shield in his Drake and while the others are engaging, we will lose tackle here if he goes down. Then the Legion can warp away and all was for naught.  I hit all ECM mods, racial or not.  May the goddess of random be with me.

And she is tonight.  The Legion shuts down smartly and I enjoy the view of my little ECM icon indicating that that Legion ain’t doin’ crap.  And while my fleetmates start breathing easier, my worry is that they land something else and I get caught with all my ECM mods cycling.  So I turn off the surplus mods and hope that I get the color codes right – my color vision has never been good and so I keep the two multiracials on him as well – just in case.

My colleagues are pummeling the Legion when Thrisdex rejoins us in a Scythe to repair Dean’s Drake and Compayn engages with his Hurricane.  So we have ECM, Logi and plenty of DPS on the grid, this Legion is going down.

Or not.  He is holding up amazingly well and one of their Catalysts lands on grid.  My biggest worry was a drone boat engaging me – I have no defense and would have to leave the field.  The Catalyst could alpha me but I lock him and my Gallente racial ECM renders him useless when my team locks him and blows him out of the sky in record time.

And finally, the Legion is taking some serious damage and is going down in a very pretty explosion.  It was an expensive fit –  nearly 1.2bn ISK of faction mods and ammo, most of it dropped to the joy of our crew.  Good fights are exchanged in local and everyone spools down.

It was a great fight – we lost a few ships but we held together and had a blast.  Kudos for the C4 crew to bring the fight and more kudos to our guys to throw their boats at this guy without hesitation.

So, we are done here, yes?

Well.  Not quite.  Our plan was to blow up their POS, yes?  Lets do just that…

To be continued… 


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