The bleating of sheep

It appears that the entire EVE blogosphere has polarized itself into 2 camps, those who defend Highsec miners and those who see them as target for some reason or the other.  The maelstrom of blog posts has sucked in writers who normally deliver original and readable content but currently seem content to put out unreadable walls of text.

So what is going on?
Basically, blowing up high security ships has become en-vogue and wrapped in some pseudo-religious / pseudo rational rhetoric has become a “cause” worth fighting for.  Those who do it for this cause have – needless to say – fallen prey to propaganda and they feel righteous about it (the gold standard by which success of propaganda is measured). The other camp – with equal zeal –  defends the rights of the helpless miners and labels the aggressors as cowardly or at least misguided.

I won’t dive into this too deeply – all arguments have been made – but I do wonder why this is such a big deal at the moment.  Surely, there is more going on in New Eden worth writing about?

Well, it doesn’t seem so.  Nullsec seems calcified – all parties have what they want – and while FW has truly invigorated lowsec life, there is nothing new and worth talking about in high sec.  The absence of news content means that small stories like the said miner-bumping receives so much press.  And its nice and polarizing – you can feel good having a strong opinion.

Well, so I shall hope this blows over, just like other news stories.  Miners will adapt and join real corporations, fly in WH space where life is rough but the expectations of sudden death make miners generally smarter.  Or they will play another game – I hear World of Warcraft actually is quite good these days – and leave CCP with few more Plex.  The mineral prices will not be affected since for every high sec miner lost,  three nullsec bots will undock. The James_315 crew will run out of targets, venture to lowsec, get murdered by some real FW PvP players and run off to the safety of nullsec or World of Tanks.  And life goes on.


So, please bloggers, stop focusing on this – if your EVE life is so boring that you can’t think of another topic to write about, leave your C5 or C6, leave your nullsec fortresses and join FW, join a C2 crew and experience EVE as an exciting game full of stories.

And yes, we are recruiting 🙂


5 responses to “The bleating of sheep

  1. LOL Too funny… and too true. The Führership of Big Blue Kockring has Null in a warm n fuzzy strangle hold, as you said Lowsec is busy orbiting plexes and HHoles are and always have been just fine thank you… So the only thing left to write about is CSM8 (and I are not a political aminal so meh) and the whole I Want Miners to Play My Way issue… Boooooring. But, it’s all we have ATM….

    However, keep yer panties girded up tight cause I think this is just the calm before the shitstorm that’s gonna hit when Odyssey finishes loading! And the calmer the calm, the stormier the storm!!!

    And GET OUT and VOTE for CSM8!!!
    Your 14 votes PER active account COUNT!!

    Ripard Teg for CSM8 Chair!!!

    WH Candidates:
    James Argent
    Nathan Jameson
    Chitsa Jason

    • Thanks – glad you see that your and Mabricks current posts are fillers until exciting things happen. One would think that you get plenty of action given you fly now in nullsec, err, C5. 😉

      Wrt voting – I did vote but did not see any need to vote for WH candidates. I want all-rounders, jack-of-all-trades who can see the game from a higher perspective and not leave that to CCP. So, from your list only one of them (Ripard) fit that bill.

    • You are correct! We are recruiting across the alliance and certainly for our C2. Our Alliance is Illusion of Solitude (IOS), our (locked) Forum is here and my corp is recruiting here.

      You can find us in the recruitment channel (I think its just “IOS_Recruitment”, need to check) and many of our guys are at Fanfest – so buy them a drink and you are accepted. Any questions, in-game mail me: “Epigene”

  2. OK,
    1. Yea, I don’t know about him as the whole “Carebear v Grieferbear’ thing is a Big Deal with him, but he has some RL<EVE issues and as I said, not much been goin on w/ me lately… so mine was def more filler than anything else.

    B. Oh and we live in a C6, not some measly poor ol C5… =]

    I don't 'disagree' w/ you on the vote, but there are more than one CSM members and if you vote only for '1' and your vote hits after he is 'elected'… 'poof' your vote disappears… However, if you listed all 14, then your vote gets 14 chances to get counted for 'someone' rather than be deconstructed into its original electrons and reconstituted as a bit of text in some Dev Blog…

    I had Ripard #1 and all 5 Anoikis candidates in the #2 thru #6 slots then pinned pix of the rest of 'em on the wall and threw darts over my shoulder while drunk to select the rest… =]

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