EVE has sound?

Since I can’t be in Iceland for Fanfest this year, I bought the stream and try to sneak in some viewing time at work – not so easy.  I don’t have real desk job and am constantly moving around talking to people.  But I really wanted to see the “EVE Symphony” – I love classical music and a fully orchestra can make game and film music incredibly epic.

So, I snuck out of meeting under the pretense (actually it wasnt one) of having to do “real work” and fire up the twitch.tv stream.  I am so glad I did. it was frigging awesome.  Yes, I was disrupted every 5 minutes by my colleagues and in total may have only experienced 30minutes but those 30 minutes were already worth the Plex for the stream.

Why?  The music was great, of course. But what I loved more was watching the chat on twitch.tv, normally a dumb cesspool of immature tossers.  This time it was full of comments just how beautiful the music is, how amazing the “band” (/giggle) and just in general, how good is CCP.

That was the best part.  I felt during this concert a real community spirit of EVE players. Not the fake aggression of miners v. PvP ers, not the drunk ramblings of some idiots, not the bragging about skills but a community build around the sheer depth and beauty of space, this game and human imagination.

Thank you CCP – if I don’t watch another minute of the fanfest stream, this was worthwhile.

EVE has sound - random comments just after the music stopped

EVE has sound – random comments just after the music stopped


One response to “EVE has sound?

  1. Either the HD stream is separate and more civilized, or you read the chat just the right time (or me in the wrong), but it was nowhere this nice when I took a peek on the public stream. :-/

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