Strange Neighbors

Our C2 WH Academy is back in recruitment mode, a squad of graduates just departed towards one of our C4s and while we are interviewing new recruits, things are a bit quiet in the hole.  Us directors / trainers who stayed behind feel a bit like parents who let their kids go to college: a little bit anxious but man, its nice for a change to log in and not find a recruit’s wreck in an anomaly.

So, when I log in last night, I see quite a commotion, our team is chain rolling our static C2 to check if new new hole offers something to shoot at.  The new C2 indeed shows signs of activity (about 1 /3 hit or miss) and the team rapidly scrambles.  I happen to have 2 characters in torpedo bombers and eagerly jump my main into the C2 neighbor to gather intel.  Dean, Skip, Nefteran and Louise jump into various ships and hold on our side of the hole.  Dean jumps over to my side and a Muninn appears and Dean decides to take his Hookbill over to get tackle – followed by the rest of the team to blow the Muninn up.  Didn’t quite work that way tho.  Oh well. capsule warps clear, Muninn salvages and Dean gets a new ship from his stash.  A bit of a to-and-fro happens with all of us fighting something first on one, then on the other side of our hole until they ship up and bring a Legion.  Now that’s a tad heftier than what we had on the field so far so, the boys grab Battlecruisers while I try to stay in my bombers and provide cloaky eyes on each side of the hole.  The fight starts with Legion jumping into our mini camp to our side of the hole and I am jockeying my alt in his bomber away from the hole while putting DPS on him (my mistake, way too close).  The Legion must have realized that he is outnumbered and goes for the softest target, and thats me.  I had eyes on a Vagabond landing on their side of the hole and was not paying attention. Oh well.

My capsule warps clear, the Legion jumps back to their side of the hole and our team of Drakes after him.  I learned my lesson and bounce my second bomber off a planet and back to the hole but by the time I land on grid, the Legion is no more.  Guess I did not make it onto that killmail,  😦

Well, the Vagabond is still there and playing speed tanking games with our slow Drake team until Skip had enough, changes into a Naga and just blows him out of the vacuum.  Case closed.

GF are exchanged, one Hookbill and one bomber exchanged against a Vagabond and a Legion – the evening is shaping up.  I just lick my wounds and rummage in Gumby’s Hangar tabs for a new Manticore hull.  By the time I find one and have half of my mods on it, the team has rolled the hole and is opening the new one -miners are reported on D-scan, Orcas, Mackinaws and a Retriever.  This means, will have to combat-probe them down and that in turn means I can’t take my Bomber – a quick stop at the POS gets me back into my cloaky Tengu.

What follows is a rather tedious dance of ships and D-scans where we try to pin down the miners whilst assembly the team on our side of the hole.  We are pretty certain that they have seen me come in (not sure about Skip’s Buzzard) and whilst we have no probes out yet, we need to be cautious of a trap.

But they keep mining for a little bit at least but they stop when more of their corp members come online and switch from a mining team to, errr.. what?  A Chimera, 2 Battlecruisers and a Heron?  I mean, really?  This is a C2, dear Reader, just as a reminder.

Ok, this changes things.  The two Battlecruisers are one thing but other than intimidation, rarely is a carrier flown in C2.  I mean, we have  – for shits & giggles – flown mining ops with fighter support and so maybe thats what these guys are planning.  Its not completely nuts, if they know that we are here, a carrier full of fighter drones makes it very hard for us to blow them up.  Basically, we would have to bring a Logistics ship to rep while we slowly chew through the fighters and pin down the miners.  Its possibly but many things could go wrong.

But thats not what happened.  The carrier as well as the 2 BCs warp off somewhere (not where the Grav site was).  We “think” it may be their own static that they are putting under siege but its a risky move, a carrier is juicy prey.  Fighter drones are on D-scan and I can’t contain my curiosity anymore and take my combat scanner probes and get a 100% hit on of the Battlecruisers.  Pull in probes, warp at 100km  just to see what they are doing.

They are running a site.  A radar site, nonetheless – the carrier is not on grid but his fighter drones are.  Having 2 BCs run a Radar site in a C2 is actually harder than it looks (being a Drake and a Harbinger doesn’t help) and the fighters may really make a difference.  A weird way of doing things but, hey, if it works for them….  But their team must have seen my probes and they skidaddle back to their POS – carrier, BCs and even the Heron appears from nowhere.  I bookmark the site full of wrecks and Skip starts to loot, just to see if he can provoke a response from the POS-bound team.  I mean, they have a carrier and 3 more pilots available, they could give us a good run for their money.

But they don’t.  What follows is some weird dance of ships, it seems they try to confuse us with as many ship changes as possible.  A Tempest, a Helios and Anathema, I don’t know.  Looks like they are digging through their closet like a child through an old aunt’s wardrobe before Halloween.  They settle on a Falcon (good, good) and a Curse while our team is bringing in a Catalyst to salvage their wrecks.  Its a bit risky but these guys don’t seem to be the aggressive type and we get away with it.

Site is empty, our Catalyst warps back home and I stay behind in my cloaky Tengu as rearguard on the wormhole when their Heron basically lands 20km away from me.  I still have Curse and a Falcon to worry about so, I confirm that my team is on the other side, decloak and aim for the spot in space where I saw the Heron land.  They can’t fly cloaked and maybe I can scare him by decloaking and slowboating towards him.  It works.  He decloaks, I have scram on him and let missiles fly when he simply slowboats to the hole and jumps.  At the same time, the Falcon decloaks and jumps as well.

Into the loving arms of my team and while Skip gets jammed by the Falcon, I do not (in fact, he warp scrams me, how cute) and I have scram and web on him – then missiles.  This makes short work of the Falcon but the Heron warps away.  Skip one-shots the pod (note self, must buy Thrasher) and we are pleased to see biomass floating free.

This is me done for the night but man this was a long evening.  I am down one bomber but up in a lot of experience, a Falcon kill and certainly gained respect for our team, without a real, screaming FC, we did really well as a functional squad…

Cant wait to go out again…


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