We are recruiting. Bring out the thumbscrews

I tend to start every blog post by “our little C2 Wormhole Academy…”  followed by some hilarious story of amazing spaceship skills, camaraderie and all all out riotous laughter.  If – Dear Reader – that wasn’t obvious enough, let me me make it a little bit clearer:

We are Recruiting.  


Really. More info – go here.  <— click that link.  Thats how the interwebs work (in case you didn’t know)

Anyway.  So, recruitment.  Most corps recruit because they have to or they run out of steam and operating by 3 lonely and bitter guys until one just doesn’t play anymore, the others rage quit and the corp blows away like an empty husk.  Or they recruit because they have ambitions to take on the Goons full on with Rifters – “blotting out the sun”.

We don’t fall into either category.  Our little band of spacemonkeys recruits because we have fun flying with newbs, teaching them what we know (collectively a ton, actually, not because we are good but because we have done this a lot) and learning what they know.  Really, you can run C2s with an Assault frigate?  Who knew…

Recruitment is trivially easy in New Eden, there are always tons of pilots who want to be part of something, make ISK or get their killboard stats up.  Play to these basic motivators and you can stuff your corp with bodies in no time.  After a while, the wheat is separated from the chaff and the good pilots stay to build the corp.  The bad pilots bump miners.  Or something like that.

In Wormhole space, this is a bit more complicated.  By virtue of their POS design, recruits gain a fair amount of access to hangar tabs, ship arrays, bookmarks, safe spots and so on.  Unless you clamp down security to a ridiculous level, theft is always possible, all out invasions also  (but honestly, quite unlikely in a C2) and true AWOXing, i.e. the nefarious destruction of the corp by internal shenanigans is implausible.  Our corp is run by directors who have been with each other for years.  To gain  access to real privileges, we have to have been drunk in the gutter together, woken up in one bed without recollection how we got there or at least ended up on the very south end of New Eden in the futile attempt to take down a Dreadnaught with nothing but two bombers and a bubbleship.   In addition, our corp is piss poor.  While we pay out >1bn ISK / week to our recruits for harvesting sleepers, gas and ore, the corp wallet is smaller than most private wallets.  So, there really isn’t anything to steal.

So, we think recruitment is actually fun.  We love flying with new guys, love the awe of these guys when they discover that we have no local, no gates, no agents, no belts and that someone may be 20km behind you with a twitchy trigger finger and you don’t even smell his sour breath on your neck until its too late.  Recruits routinely ask us “well, how the hell do you live there?” – and thats where the fun starts.  Or they come into the corp, all proud of their missile skillz and after 2 days quietly rejig their skill queue for Astrometrics and more cloaking.  Because, Stealthy = Awesome.  Or they come in with great plans of PI only to have their hauler blown up on first pickup.  (“I told you to fly to a safe spot first.  But kids never listen!”).

Interested?  Our recruitment procedure is simple.  Join the “IOS Recruitment” public channel.  Talk to people.  Ask them questions, answer questions.  Likely a quick 1:1 convo with a director will explain more how we do stuff.  Then there is a recruitment form to fill in which requires full API – time to drop your knickers, turn around and cough.  We are pretty fast at this and as thorough as it can be made.  It won’t hurt, I promise.  Then we have a TeamSpeak interview which is kind of two-way, you are supposed to interview us as well.  We don’t want pilots who don’t fit 100% with then team, so I have no problem with people who say that they don’t think we are the right corp for them.  Better find out earlier than later.

Recruitment in New Eden.  Courtesy of CTRL-ALT-DEL

Recruitment in New Eden. Courtesy of CTRL-ALT-DEL

And if all goes well, decision is made on the spot, hangars are assigned, forum access granted and thats the point where you start telling us that we are flying the wrong fits and how awesome a Blaster Ferox is against sleepers.  And then we all learn how pretty Feroxes are when they explode….

So, come on in, we are waiting…


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