The Day the Universe Died

Yesterday, CCP needed to take EVE Online offline and shut down all its servers.  The reason – a DDoS – was hotly debated on various forums.   Amusingly, hardened EVE players asked why attackers would chose a harmless (and comparatively small) internet game company.  The answer is so simple: “Tears” you idiot, the driving fuel of all senseless malice.  Now you know how miners feel when you suicide gank them and take their game away… (*)

But that aside, there were some riotously funny comments about this event as well – all in all people seemed to take this lightly.  Bad stuff happens to good companies and the imminent launch of the Odyssey expansion and a few decent wars have put the normally grumpy neckbeards into a forgiving mood.

Prize of the best comment goes to “Proud Dad” on TheMittani:

Today I learned my daughters name. She is now 3. Thank you CCP

It had me smiling all day.

We knew that this attack was serious business but nothing that can’t be handled.  Sure, CCP will have to put in night shifts, drink coffee.  I would not blame them if they delayed Odyssey by a few days – I prefer they have their stuff in order before they go on.  But fundamentally, we all knew that the servers would come back online, that spaceships still undock, towers still need fueling and that sleepers didn’t really sleep (what do Sleepers dream about, btw.  Jovian Sheep?).

But “What If”?

What if that had been the last day of New Eden?  What if, CCP’s investors had decided that enough is enough and pulled out?  What if this had been the end of EVE Online?

Many years ago, the same question was asked on some World of Warcraft forum.  What would the players do if Blizzard shut the doors.   The overwhelming majority of responses to that question were individual, they would take their favorite character, his pet (Hunters ftw!) and log out somewhere scenic.  If this was the last day in Azaroth, players wanted to spend it with their character on some rock overlooking the water.  I am personally too pragmatic for something like this but I understand the desire.  You nurture a few characters for a long time, farm loot to farm better loot and basically put time into his progression.  But curiously, nobody on that forum replied that they would meet their friends, guild mates etc for one last Dungeon run, one last camp fire somewhere, one last social event.  World of Warcraft seemed to be a single-player game and you die alone.

But how about EVE?  If tomorrow was the last day of New Eden, I know what I would do – I’d EVE mail all my friends my gmail address and make sure that we have our existing communication tools (jabber, TS, Forum = all provided by our Alliance Leader) up and running.  I really don’t care about the spaceships but losing this community would hurt like hell.

What would you do if EVE was shutting down permanently tomorrow?


(*) and no, I am not that serious about that comment, so keep your flamthrower in your pants,  geek-with-body-odor-who-has-a-Napoleon-complex

8 responses to “The Day the Universe Died

  1. This may be the single best post ever on EvE… seriously, if I could, I’d give you some kinda tacky award and a piece of paper with some ‘words’ on it and shit… mebbe a cigar too.

    “Today I learned my daughters name. She is now 3. Thank you CCP.”

    …’cept… it wasn’t CCPs doing you know… if they had their way (and TBH, if we ours) this Interruption of ‘Verse would never happend… it was the scripkiddies who are to blame for his new acquaintanceship to his progeny… interesting twist huh?

    As for Tur at the EvE going EOL? Well, if we had enough notice I assume my sons and I and as many of us in SYJ as can be batphoned from IRL to call in sick, or dead or, with a some creepy, highly contagious and yet-to-be-named 24 hour cancer and LOG THE EFF ON!!

    Then I assume we would do some kinda epic, wasteful, useless and totally stoopid fun thing like a Full Alliance Noobship Fleet Drunken Null roam… or we’d all get Smartbombing Faction Fit Macharials and sit drunkenly on the Jita undock one last glorious time (5, 4, 3.. 2… 1…. FIRE!!)… or go into a drunken orgy of internal POS bashing IN BASTION to the clarion call of “One for All and FUK YOU PELL!!”… or all of the above or somesuch… but yea, it’s all about the guys man… it’s ALL about my sons and my friends and allies and being TOGETHER in this wonderful virtuality… (oh, yea, and getting drunk). =]

    The scenery is nice, the ships are great, but flyin the deadly skies with my boys and brosefs… that’s the shit. And THAT hole could never be mass closed or go EOL… that hole would never be filled in my soul…

    Gods that’s depressing… you suc… I need a drink. =]

    • Sorry about the depressing post – but I will take the cigar 🙂

      Yeah, a drunk, wild roam across, a true orgy of self destructing carriers and POS bashes would be epic. Invite our WH neighbors for it as well.

      And then as soon as possible find another game for the friends and make that our home. Yes, I could see that as a fitting end.

  2. If Eve were to go offline tomorrow, I would basically do the same thing as you. Swap info with the guys (and gal) I’ve become buddies with over nearly four years. I would have a hard time with the fact that I have dedicated so much time into Eve just to have it go away. However, I think in the end, I would be much happier without Eve existing. I love this game, but if it didn’t exist anymore, there wouldn’t be that constant thought in the back of my mind: “how much time is in my skill queue?”; “I really want to test out that new shiny ship”; “I gotsta clear out them there cosmic anomalys so my neighbors don’t get ’em.”

    I would like to believe that I’d never play MMO’s again. Eve is really the only MMO I’ve been “committed” to. Battlefield 2 was awesome, but you could walk away from the keyboard at a moments notice. In Eve you cannot always do that. I’d be playing single player games for sure.

  3. Trading contact info aside, I would take every last one of my ships, fill their holds with every shiny bit and bob from my hangars and fly into the killing ground Low Sec would turn into on that day.

    Shiny, Brilliant Explosions! No better way to retire an internet spaceship than an eternity as space dust.

    Once I was down to my pod with no iskies left and only a handful of min before the severs went down: set a course to the deepest depths of Null and turn on autopilot… watch capsule fly till socket closed.

    • Yeah, sell all your belongings, buy Plex with the ISK and fly into nullsec in some pimped out ship . May the Gods reward the alert. I like that….

  4. I would do what I usually do, except I would also do the things that would get me banned.

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