Wormhole PI. Holy Crap.

Within the first week after my recruitment into BWMT, some of our more-experienced members were discussing how to make extra income in our home system using the Planetary Interaction system.  I tried it out, and was very disappointed with the minimal ISK I was able to pull out with planetary interaction-related skills to IV.

Today — several weeks of boring and mostly unfruitful Planetary Interaction later — I began comparing numbers with my corp-mates.  They were surprised at the very low return of the planets in our home system, and we discussed how I was setting up each planet.

It turns out I’d gone about routing all wrong. The right way to do it, summarized:

1.  Route the output from the extractor to the storage.

2.  Click the storage, then the “route” button on the storage pop-up window.

3.  Route the inbound goo (to the storage from the extractors) to the processors.

4.  Route the processed output back to the storage as usual.

This is enormously less complicated than what I’d been trying to do (route extractor output through the storage for everything it produces; talk about a click-fest and routing hell!), conveniently buffers excess output, and pretty much eliminated the waste and idle processors I had been experiencing.

That one tip — and a little extra time spent optimizing my processing and extraction layout to roughly match one another — means I should be able to pull down in one day what I was pulling down in one week before.  This means I can probably fund one of my two accounts using in-game resources alone by buying Pilot License Extensions from the market. Thus, the income earned running sites should be able to almost all go toward the “Sync Needs A Tengu” fund.

Eve. The learning cliff is brutal, but the rewards are spectacular.


3 responses to “Wormhole PI. Holy Crap.

  1. Without actually seeing your setups, from what I read I will comment thusly…

    (1) Location location, location… One of the most important decisions you will make about PI is where to place your Factory Cluster. I make multiple scans and screenshots of the ores required and then actually blend the screenshots together to find the sweet-spot… the point where a single extractor can reach the highest equal concentrations of both ores needed… I drop my Control Center near, but not on, the sweet spot. I drop an Extractor directly ON the sweet spot, then I build my ClusterFac (cluster of factories & support mods) touching the Extractor but centered around the Launchpad.

    (2) ALL facs and mods should be in contact range of each other based on route (IE the ClusterFac);

    (3) Try not to use Storage if you can, use the launchpad instead and move stuff regularly up to the POCO; The reason is Grid, Power & CPU, you want ALL of it for your production. I sometimes will run extractors only 2 to 3 days until the POCO is basically full with 50/50 of P1 ores, then I start transfers and production runs while continuing extraction.

    (4) If you do use Storage Units (and yea, I do) use them as fuel tanks for P1 ores feeding the Facs to maximize their utilization. All real ‘storage’ should be in the POCO as it has no Grid costs.

    In the end how much you can produce is all about the Grid. Max all PI related skills and you can tweak your totals but once yer outta Grid, yer done.

  2. Great comments, thanks! My problems described in the post were on the extraction end.

    Once I resolved those, though, I ended up dropping one factory for a storage on my factory planet. The basic issue I encountered was that my factories would chew through everything in the Launchpad between sessions, leaving them sitting idle (read: not making me money!). The Storage reduced my maximum capacity by 1 factory, but brought a lot more security knowing that I could get podded and end up out of the wormhole for one day and wouldn’t be losing 20M ISK that day.

    With two characters feeding raw elements to one factory planet, I’m up to about 25M ISK/day with skills at III. Once I get covops — the next major roadblock impeding my move to the C4 — then ramping Upgrades to IV will be very important as it should give me the flexibility to produce P2 Enriched Uranium on a single planet, and reduce the overhead of my PI while only taking about a 20% hit to my production capacity if I pick my planets well (Ice planets, bizarrely, do have some Noble Metals I can use for single-planet P2). And in a C4, compressing P2 into P3 (or fuel) becomes even more important as our routes out to hisec will be a bit less reliable.

    Then again, I’ve heard that 20M ISK is chump-change once I move up to a C4. At this stage of the game in a C2, though, it’s very important income to keep me motivated toward saving toward my Tengu!

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