Wormhole Moon Mining. Really?

Quick one.  Last week, my team was dominating large swaths of nullsec, striking fear and despair into the quivering hearts of the cowardly locals.  Much honorable red was added to our alliance killboard – green is overrated anyway.

So, while they were busy, I poked around our new static connection – a C3 – and some random C2 and C5 we had flopping in the breeze as well.  I did that with 2 characters in different holes which is the maximum in efficiency and panic creating since I am liable to forget which character is where and routinely label bookmarks wrong assuring hilarious confusion for my corp.  They really don’t want me to do that, they know my limits.

Anyway, so I come across this C2.  Its a decent enough place and a quick visit to the local tower shows me a Heron actively putting small war bubbles near their POS weaponry. Ok, this is useless but I like busy people in wormholes.  I watch him, easy target – but he is mighty close to his guns.  I am not sure I want to risk my Proteus against this T1 frigate. Lets see what else they bring.

The Heron burns out of the POS and poops a single Discovery Survey Probe. I had never seen one and needed to look up what it does – its a probe that is shot at a moon and discovers what minerals it may yield.  Good idea in nullsec and low security space. Not so useful in Wormhole space where moons don’t hold any valuable minerals.

Or do they?  A closer look at the POS I am sitting shows me a Moon-Harvesting Array, something I have also never seen.  Good for them to set up the gear in anticipation of all the moon mineral riches before probing the moon itself.  Wormhole space has Moon Goo, I now have a screenshot to prove it! (*)

A Heron setting up a Moon Mining Array in a C2 Wormhole.

A Heron setting up a Moon Mining Array in a C2 Wormhole.

Anyway.  Before I know, a Procurer mining ship lands plumb on grid inside the POS shield, re-aligns and warps away – directly into the only Ore site this place has.  There is no elegance to this maneuver, no time-wasting, no scouting.  As far as I know, the busy-bee moon-mining Heron and the recently arrived Procurer are the only active pilots in this system.

Finding, targeting and warp-scraming the mining barge are actions that by now need no further explanations.  My Proteus nestles up to him and shoots him point blank, observing D-scan all the while. Procurers are hardy bastards, make good bait.

Scrammed and helpless.  He will be a wreck soon.  Or will he?

Scrammed and helpless. He will be a wreck soon. Or will he?

Then the pilot opens a convo with me.

R1DD1CK FURY > hey i’m neutral with your corp
R1DD1CK FURY > i pay a feee

Now, we rarely, almost never have agreements with our neighbors.  I think, I have done it three times in 2 years.  When we do have these agreements, my corp will honor it 100%. This guy may have made a deal with us before I came online.  A quick question in TeamSpeak results in relentless laughter.  No, we do not have an agreement with him or his corp.  He may have an agreement with the locals – not with us.  I don’t think he knows that wormholes have neighbors.

R1DD1CK FURY > ok i’ll pay u a fee

R1DD1CK FURY > just don’t destroy me
Epigene > alright
R1DD1CK FURY > i’m with my corp here
R1DD1CK FURY > u ok with 10 mil cause i don’t have more

This is getting silly.  I am hanging decloaked in this messy asteroid field.  This could still be a trap and the guy is negotiating on 10 mil.  I have to end this but I can’t blow him up now.  I spoke to him.  He is now a person, not just a ship.

Epigene > man, watch D-scan

Epigene > and have a good night

But the teacher in me won’t let go before I deliver some stern warning.

R1DD1CK FURY > ok thanks

Epigene > but you are nuts to mine here
Epigene > without eyes
Epigene > someone will kill you
R1DD1CK FURY > i was at the bathroom
R1DD1CK FURY > i know i have to use d-scan
Epigene > no, you dont have intel in the hole
Epigene > thats stupid and it will get you killed tonight
Epigene > anyway. lesson learned?
R1DD1CK FURY > ye for sure
Epigene > k
Epigene > put eyes onto the Wormholes
Epigene > at least the High sec
R1DD1CK FURY > ok man thanks
Epigene > o7

So, one Procurer caught and released – I can put him on my personal killboard but he won’t be show up on my corp’s.  They won’t mind.  They know me and my weird antics by now.

And if you wondered why I did not follow through with the attack – my blog is all about the relationship between the person on the keyboard and the pixels that he controls. I have no real issue blowing up ships but deliberately and consciously causing “tears” is not what I do.

I know, this game is full of people who see that as their primary motivation.  I feel sorry for them, they have something terribly wrong in their personal lives, they may have gotten bullied at school, have a terrible boss, a bad relationship and they feel that they need to get even.  But no matter, in EVE’s sandbox, we all pay our monthly PLEX and we can fly as we please.

This is the way I fly.


* Or the guy is a complete idiot. That’s also possible

2 responses to “Wormhole Moon Mining. Really?

  1. That’s why I like you, Epi, you can see past the easy gank and teach someone a valuable lesson so that they are smarter. If you ever come across this particular pilot again, recklessly operating in w-space, he’ll have no excuse, and must be dispatched accordingly.

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