Bad Luck, Legion

Sometimes, things just come down to dumb luck.  A few days ago, I log into our home C4 Wormhole, just to get ready for an alliance roam.  Gerandor is already online, reporting a scouting and scanning Legion next door.  We decide to bait him and I warp my cloaky Proteus to the hole when Oreamnos (1) pipes up – within 1 minute our little fleet has grown from 1 to 3 and with our alts, we have plenty of backup.  Our hole has gone mass reduced which may deter an inexperienced Legion pilot so we need to bring the fight next door and it is my dubious honor to be the “hunter killer” – thats a nicer term that “dumb bait”.  I align my Proteus and click” jump” when I hear the characteristic sound of a Wormhole transit.  A little early?  Then my jump is initiated and hear the sound again.  Ah.  We have inbound traffic, likely the Legion found our hole and decided to check us out at the exact same time when I jump to him.

Gerandor is on the hole with his Broadsword and immediately  inflates the bubble, trapping whoever transits at the hole.  Oreamos grabs the first boat he finds and arrives in a brawling Brutix and I circle the other side of the hole decloaked, ready to apply my scram and furiously checking D-scan for the Legion’s friends.

Well, our target decloaks, burns back to the hole he came from and jumps back to me – he feared the bubble ship and the Brutix more than my lone Proteus – or maybe he didn’t even see me since we jumped literally in the same second.  He arrives, decloaks and since I had my weapons hot, gets scrammed on the spot, the door back now barred for 4 minutes while his polarization timer ticks down.

Now a Legion can be a tough nut to crack and while my blasters easily go through his shields, he could seriously dent my boat.  I let a flight of ECM drones go and wait for Gerandor and Orea to jump to me and apply tackle ‘n deeps.  Our target also tries to burn out of range of my scram and almost succeeds – but almost is sometimes not good enough.  I briefly wonder why he doesn’t engage me (still thinking this is a trap) when my friends arrive on the scene, our bubble goes up and Orea spools up his massive blasters.

The poor sod lasts for a long time (Legions are hardy buggers) but we tear through him eventually and his sad Pod floats free of the wreck.  We swiftly send him to his cloning vat and congratulate ourselves on an easy kill – maybe a bit too easy but I am not complaining.  It is embarrassing but I think this was the only time so far I used my Proteus on a target that could shoot back!

I wondered why he didn’t engage anyone of us and checked the combat log.  Maybe my ECM drones were very efficient?  Nope, they didn’t see to have jammed him once.  I thought so, I didn’t expect them to do so on a T3.  But I also notice that the pilot tried to initiate self-destruct. Why, I am not clear – it takes 2 minutes to do so (and he clearly didn’t have 2 minutes) and I believe you still lose the skills exactly as if you were destroyed.  Do you?

Anyway, last check on the killmail – he had a Interdiction Nullifier on his boat – means our warp bubble didn’t stop him.  Gerandor on the other side was not a real threat to him unless he could lock him down by other means.  If he had tried to warp away from our side, he would have had a decent chance.  Like this, none whatsoever.  He may have plain forgotten that he can warp out of a bubble, it happened to me several times.  I am used to be scouting in bombers and bubbles are scary.  First time I flew my cloaky Tengu into a bubblenest, I slow-boated out and only later realized that I could have just warped off.  Maybe that happened to this poor fella.

Well, that was the start of the evening and curiously one of the very few times where I am on the same killmail as my long-time comrades – during my deployment to our C2, I did not have the opportunity to fly with them and I am looking forward to more of these skirmishes.

Our target, rather less scary now

Our target, rather less scary now


1.  As it happens, Orea wrote this encounter up as well!  I had this post written for a while just not published, so technically he scooped me 🙂 But he tells the story from his side and I from mine and where discrepancies between our tales exist, I am correct, he is not.


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