Casual EVE

Both of my regular readers may have noticed a hiatus in my blog posting activity.  Thank Goodness, the prolific prose from TXG keeps getting cited by Famous People assuring notoriety as well as some reader numbers.

My RL is currently rather busy, between work and family, there is just isn’t much time to log in and shoot spaceships.  Two years ago, I may have averaged >2h EVE / day, now I am lucky when I get 20 minutes just before downtime to set my PI queue.

This is not a “whine” – we all need to make choices that balance the game and the real life.  But EVE is not a game that lends itself to casual play all that well.  At least not the way I am used to play the game, living in Wormhole space.  Scanning down the chain, looking for exits or stalking some prey is time consuming and not necessarily “exciting”.  At least in our world, Wormhole fights can take an hour to set up and are decided in 30 seconds.  Under this schedule, fleet actions are hard to coordinate also – you miss your friends by 15 minutes, 1/4 of your game time are gone.

Of course, other corners of EVE offer different activities that may suit me better, RvB, Faction War and industry would likely be better to provide entertainment in short bursts and in some ways I tried them all before without really getting into it. And that’s where a problem lies – I am now pretty good at this Wormhole Thing.  It took me 2 years to get to where I am and I am really hesitant to start at the beginning somewhere else.  My friends and comrades are all in wormholes and while they have tolerated my short forays into other styles, we are at the core a Wormhole alliance and either I fly with them or I formally quit and do something else.

I really don’t want to do that, in marketing, it is called “switching cost”, a measure of the resistance to move from one thing to another. EVE makes this pretty hard – at least if you want to be good at it.

So, I decided to stay with my friends but change my expectations what I want to get out of my playtime.  I left our training C2, dropped all director roles and responsibilities and now fly with my old C4 crew as grunt.  I am not involved in recruitment or training and other than helping to bring in fuel not really involved with anything that has to do with the corp or the alliance.  Considering how much time I spent helping to build our community, it feels weird but in some ways its actually very liberating.

I have another post in the pipeline – combat – from last night and it ends with me dazed, confused and tired in our Alliance C5 and in fleet with TXG.  Watch this space.  I can feel explosions coming up shortly…

2 responses to “Casual EVE

  1. “Both of my regular readers may have noticed a hiatus in my blog posting activity.”

    One of those readers checking in now. I feel your pain on the “having time for Eve” topic. I think it’s better to write about exciting stuff when you do write, rather than write just to make a post…hence why I haven’t made a post in a while (there will be a post on lack of posts soon(-:).
    Keep doing what you’re doing, you are doing it right.

    • Thanks! It will be great to have you back in the hole, I dont think we actually have been out scouting together! Balancing game time with life is always tricky but life has to come first…

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