Blogbanter 49 – Absolute Wealth

The principal question raised in this month’s blog banter is about wealth, how to get it, how to keep it and what to do with it.

In principle, there are two ways to express wealth, the relative way (“I have more things than my neighbor”) and the absolute way (I can afford my lifestyle).  That is not limited to EVE of course.  Read “The millionaire next door“, one of the most intriguing and relevant books of our times.  It highlights just how dangerous the relative way of assessing wealth is – and that it works in EVE is no surprise.   Jester acknowledges the two different viewpoints as well, so does tgl.  Raziel Walker firmly takes the absolute view point:

For me rich means I don’t have to worry about expenditures. In absolute numbers right now I would feel rich if I had 20 billion isk my wallet. That would allow me to fund Eve for almost a year. Most of that isk would be spent on 2 plex every month, a carrier and some miscellaneous ships

I too subscribe to the absolute view of wealth in EVE (and in the real world), I do not care how much money some tycoon has, I care about whether I can sustain my existence.  For example, I built a buffer into my wallet, I won’t buy a new T3 unless I have 2bn ISK in cash on hand.   All ships brought into a wormhole are already written off and I have virtually no high sec presence anymore, therefore, liquid ISK is my only safety buffer.

So, am I rich?  Sure, I stand above my threshold thanks to a few cool PvE runs with with my corp and I can risk my T3 a little bit more.


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