Celebrity Duck Hunt

The fine folks of Crossing Zebras organized a Free For All in Asakai.  Specifically, they invited all EVE personalities, bloggers, podcasters etc and our Alliance of course needed to show up.  We are EVE famous after all (well, we think we are).  But real life had been iffy for me and I wasn’t sure whether I could make it – last minute decision and I brought my (extremely young) RvB pilot in.  He can fly an Atron, use blasters, web and scram and runs out of cap when warping to the nearest toilet.  He is not very skilled.  Oh, and he has an insufficient clone.  Oh, and I didn’t get a chance to bring ships closer – 12 jumps for my stash.  This could be a short evening….

Well, below a couple of short videos of our team hunting in Asakai… Enjoy.

Xander Phoena

Mangela Solaris

(Of course, this kill pleases me – my character is in “Blue”, Mangela is in “Red”.  Die, evil Red Horde)

And the finale – we go out in glorious fashion


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