we are recruiting

Corporations in EVE often have a decent amount of turnover.  That isn’t bad – new blood brings new ways of thinking and doing things.

But recruitment is tough and tedious and to be honest, I am not looking forward to it.  Add to that the risk we wormholers face from theft, awoxing and other shenanigans and it is no wonder that nobody volunteers to be the corporate recruiter.

About one year ago, I recruited heavily for the corp and the alliance and am now restarting it, just for Z3R0 Return Mining, our C4 corp.  Our C2 (Broken Wheel Mercantile and Trading) is running on full steam, recruiting newbs straight out of the cloning vat and teaching them the tricks of WH life.  Z3R0 is looking for pilots that have actually been to WHs before and want to settle for a longer time, relax and play the game.

Copied below is our recruitment post from the EVE Forums.

So, recruitment is open – we are a solid bunch of friends, shooting red crosses, other players and the breeze.

Z3R0 Return Mining is an established WH corporation living in a C4. We are looking for experienced WH pilots for PvP, PvE and Industry.

We are currently recruiting ~ 5 EU and East Coast players. We are picky.

Are we the right corp for you? 

  • Mature, relaxed player
  • Experienced in WH life. If you are new, our training corp “Broken Wheel Mercantile and Trading” will be happy to talk to you
  • Fly CovOps and RR Tengu (PvE)
  • Willing to engage in PvP, risk ships and pod.
  • Good sense of humor
  • Some form of English is required. Scottish pilots get translators.
  • Self-starter. We are not Club Med, there are times when few people are online. We have no ambitions to be a huge, impersonal corp.

What we offer

    • Relaxed, personal team. We have flown with and known each other literally for years.
    • No drama. We just don’t do it. Don’t start.
    • Automated corporate buy-out system for anything you find in WH space, PI, loot, gas, ore salvage… No hauling. Just drop off and get paid market rates.
    • Raids and roams with our alliance. We have a C2, a couple more C4 and a C5 in our Alliance. Guest visits with our Alliance mates are strongly encouraged.
    • Rorqual and mining support if you are into that kind of thing (consenting adults…) and full industry POS.

Does this sound like something you are looking for?

Next steps:

    • Join our recruitment channel “IOS Recruitment” and talk to the team.
    • Mail me in-game. I need the name of all alts, full API for all toons (no discussion) and a quick explanation why you are amazing and why we should talk to you. If you can’t convince me in 2 short sentences, you won’t hear back.
    • TeamSpeak interviews. We interview Thursday 01:00 EVE (i.e. late evening EST) and Thursday 21:00. Other schedules can be arranged, especially weekends.

3 responses to “we are recruiting

    • Not so strict lol. But we want the best of the best of the best. Like yourself, when are you coming up and fly with us men? 😉

      • When you’ll have ppl online during my TZ… Flying alone once or twice a week can be fun… Flying alone 7 days a week not so much. 😛

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