my eve bucket list

Some people are really organized and have lists of the things they want to do in life, diseases they want to cure, places they want to visit and stamps they need to collect.  For these folks, setting of goals is enjoyable, crossing out achievements evokes yelps of passion.  A few years ago, one of my direct reports came to me to review her life-plan and how her current job fitted into it.  In Excel. It spanned hundreds of rows with Pivot tables and graphs.  Needless to say, she was by far my best team member and after she left (one of her goals was to have children, really, I am not making this up) my group was lost in the wilderness. We missed her.

I admire people with lists.  I want to be one, want to be one who comes into work with a clear idea what to achieve during the day.  I barely make it to my office before I get tackled by one of my colleagues with an immediate disaster to solve.  And there goes the day.

But I shall not give up!  I shall make lists, no matter how useless, no matter how many items I will never achieve.  And here is my EVE bucket list – things that I want to experience in New Eden while I play it.  They are not in order of importance.  They are stream of consciousness.  You didn’t expect me to be that organized, did you?

Lighting a Covert Cyno

Ok, so I have lit a covert cyno before, my hole closing team mates unfortunately were a little aggressive on the mass of a Low Sec hole.  Instead of them running 30 is of jumps through low, I played “fetch” with my Arazu and lit the cyno for their Widow.  But I really want to find a ratting carrier, lock him down, light the candle and have my mates appear around me.  Its one of those epic movie moments that I have to experience one day.

Ligthing a Cyno

Solo PvP

I suck at PvP, yes, I can whack the odd hauler and I am damn good as scout and intel pilot but I lose my nerves too easily.  Its practice, of course, WH life rarely gives fights compared to e.g. RvB or FW.  I just want to engage someone boat-on-boat and win by being the better pilot, not have a strategic advantage.  I tried this with my RvB toon but I get whacked well before I can engage.  Maybe EVE is like that, its not about fairness its about domination.  But after this many years playing only one game, I want to be good at it.

Fleet Command

WH life means often everyone takes a turn to be in command.  Its basically the guy with intel, the guy who has eyes on the targets who calls the shots.  The implementation of Twitch inside the EVE browser may change that (I already set up my twitch account), if I see something, I can ask our good FCs (Dean, Comp, Nylon, mimori…) to use me as eyes only and make decisions from there.  But for the most part, if you find something, you own the responsibility for the fights.  In this way, I have “led” quite a few fights – I am a good scout – but that’s different from real “FC-ing”.  On my bucket list would be to lead a team on a roam, find something surprising, adapt on the fly and – whammo – dominate.  To be honest, that’s likely the least achievable goal on my list.


I know industry exists in EVE.  My friend Oreamnos occasionally feeds me raw materal  (data cores and other weird stuff) and I make things for him.  I have no clue how he finds out what to make, where to get the raw material from, how to get it to the station where to make it etc. Literally, I am just 10 more assembly slots to him.  But I like spreadsheets!  Really, I get off on a well-designed Excel spreadsheet and can spend Sunday mornings in front of some crazy-complicated sumifs(…) formula with tons of dependencies.  So, industry should come naturally.

Booster Production

Yes, related to industry but its different.  Boosters are a royal pain to make and distribute.  They need gas from different areas of the game – all of them dangerous – the gas needs to be processed somehow and it needs ore and other stuff to make into a booster – which you can’t haul in high sec.  It sounds like a job for some goon corp that has total security in their Nullsec carebear land, it does not sound like something a part-timer like me can pull off in a WH.  And that’s what makes it exciting.  Raiding deep nullsec for the gas, taking WH routes and covert cynos back, making it in the hole and have handshake deals with dark characters in Null or WH space to exchange the illegal goods.  Yeah, I could get into that.

Flying in Nullsec

I know, I know.  Everything I have ever read about nullsec does its best to discourage me from signing up.  The constant nonsense of politics and its rules, the totally inane stream of vulgarities in fleet and local chat, the brainless wait on gates or hours of roams without finding a fight and the need to kiss the feet of some overlord by showing up at 2am for a POS bash is really not my thing.  But for better or worse, Sov nullsec is where content is created, where EVE happens, where the butterfly effect is most visible.  Whether I shoot 20 sleepers in a neighbor C3 and tick off the locals makes no difference in WH space.  Doing the same in a politically non-allied nullsec system can spawn a war.  But the entry to nullsec will mean, I abandon all I have achieved in this game.  A reputation for integrity and self reliance are not what is needed.  Not sure I will ever make the jump.

Role Play

Normal low sec (and RvB) for that matter would bore me quickly. Fighting for the sake of the fight is not what I am here for.  There is no strategic objective to pirates.  I like casual PvP in e.g. Planet Side 2 but in EVE, I want my time to mean something.  Pushing the evil Amarr back a few systems would be worth it.  I am proud Gallente and will fight those religious slave owners anytime.  There is something about Role Play activities, a defined “right or wrong” that people crave in real life and I do too.  My time with Oreb in Faction War was a good start but it was not Role Play.  We had pirates and many pilots just doing it for ISK and lots of fights. As much as I enjoyed my time there, I lacked “reason”.  Wormhole life gives me reason, this is my hole, this is my cabin in the woods.  You can have my Tengu when I am all out of missiles.  That kind of thing.  I want the same engagement in other parts of the game.

Fight on Land

Yes, yes, DUST 514 is not exactly a roaring success at the moment which pains me more than it should.  I really, really want it to be awesome.  I want to support a massive land battle from space, I want to fly a warbarge full of Dusties to “my” planet and bomb the snot out of the opposition. I want to have my corp fight district to district for real goals that benefit my Alliance.  I want DUST just to damn well deliver what it promised.  I will be its greatest fan, so please CCP make it work.

Well this is my list so far.  It will grow as I think more, EVE is like that, it has endless possibilities and even veterans often have seen only a sliver of what can be done.

Whats on your list?


6 responses to “my eve bucket list

  1. The fighting has been fierce lately down here. Perhaps you feel more at home in a more dangerous place; to pitch your tent among the wolves in the forest and not up in the peaks of the cold mountain.

    We have only two lvl 5 systems atm. A 3 day cadet murdered her first pod last night. He jumped after he died to our Tribal liberation cousin that successfully hunted and caught the mission running stealth bomber, where he warped to the same novice gate when each of us returned to our objective.

    I know two pilots that have led fleets just this week, both in the militia barely a week. A good scout can make any noob FC seem experienced. 🙂

    Some nights, the war cries resound when passion breaks its silence and local is filled before the battle, where the fires drum and the cannons blare.

  2. I hear theres an alliance roam coming up soon that needs an FC, Your more than welcome to take the lead if your around. Ill be along to provide backup if you need it.

    • Brr. I get us all killed 🙂 I’d rather take an Arazu and scout ahead, feeding you my Twitch 🙂 I need to really see it working first before I attempt it!

  3. First I compiled a list without reading your article to not get influenced. Then read it anyway but fortunately I had nothing to add to it… But the whole list looked a bit… So I left it for the day to think about it later.
    Then I came back and erased it all, because half of the points need me to change my gameplay in ways I don’t find feasible. The most of the other half are actually out-of-game actions, which while are part of EvE, I don’t want to put them on a list (or not on a public one anyway for now :-D).

    So I’m back at square one, without a meaningful list.

  4. Let me just start by saying that I’ve been following your posts for a while now but never responded, I like a good story teller, it’s a gift like being able to play a musical instrument or pat your head while you rub your stomach, anyway I’m an offshore oil worker so for a while every month I can’t play eve and I have to resort to trolling the internet for my space-kicks, I also follow tigers ears and I read the Mitanni (but with my political bullshit filter set to stun).
    Anyway, I have been playing eve for a long time now and have been most things to most people, I have stared asteroids to death, put paid to millions of red crosses and been in massive fleet battles but most of the stuff I have not done is what you do now, which makes your article all the more enjoyable to read.
    I am currently enjoying black ops and milking the tears of space renters who have much more isks than ability.
    Wormhole life always sounded good to me but sounds like a million miles from anything I have done in eve so far, to be honest it probably wouldn’t fit in with my lifestyle as I have to go away for long periods at a time but it would be on my list if I had one.
    Like you I enjoy the game and love PvP even though I would be the first to say that I am the universes worst PvP’er ever, with a good team around me I usually come away with my ship intact, it’s all about the hunt and the execution for me.
    Fly safe and keep up the good work.

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