Get the pod, get the pod

+++ Special Announcement: EVE Meetup Northern VA.+++

RL has not been nice to me – busy and stressful.  EVE is pretty much the first thing that goes over board when it comes to prioritizing my life (after personal hygiene, paying mortgage and other really non-essential tasks, of course).  I had not logged in all week until Friday came and with it the realization that the week was over, I am still breathing and my friends are shooting pixelly ships, something I am bad in but I like doing.

So, I miss a hub of activity in my C4 and realize that I mislaid my Proteus, its stuck in Low Sec somewhere.  Can’t remember why but it must have been a darn good reason for leaving it there.  Thankfully, we have a route and I “borrow” (thank Goodness for shared ship arrays) a shuttle and embark on 16 jumps or so across high sec.  On the way, I finally scoop up the Heavy Assault Cruiser skillbook and listen to our C5 sister corp getting ready for some pewpew.  They are itching to roll their hole and drop on hapless victims, something that we do in the C4 but nearly enough.  It turns out that they too have routes nearby and I ask for and get permission to make the 12 or so jumps to their staging point with my Proteus and they contract me a small sack of bookmarks so I find my way in. Soon after I get myself oriented, they shove some ships through their static and close it, a very efficient procedure that generates new routes every few minutes.  Nylon is our friendly scout tonight and scans down new sigs in a few second, then assesses the new hole with us waiting for orders.  If it is empty or boring, the Orcas get the job, if something exciting happens, combat ships.

A few holes later, Nylon reports D-scan activity, a Tengu, a couple of Myrmidons, something cloaky and something else that I forgot.  They warp to-and-fro’ and its hard to pin them down, the team decides they need to risk a second scout and in my Proteus, thats me.  So, I jump in, check the POS-es and generally try to get an idea who is where while Nylon does the same. Between the two of us, we have the system covered and indeed Nylon finds wrecks and the locals are busy (but inefficiently) looting.  He makes a perch, tells me to warp in and my home team reships into interceptors, bubble ship and raw firepower.  Nylon and I will serve as warp-ins but we have to hustle.  A Legion just warped on grid and commences to salvage.  The locals are spread out all over the grid – which is smart, means a single bubble can’t catch all of them – with the Legion being the furthest away.

I warp to 20km to the wreck the Legion is working on, having watched him struggle with a previous wreck, I know this large one will take him some time.  I get ready for a few quiet seconds where I can check my approach and communicate with my team.  But things change – the Legion pops the wreck and pivots, aims now straight at me and fires up a prop mod.  I am cloaked but he must be steering to another wreck that I am in the way of.  Cloaked up and schlepping a rather hefty plate in my low slots, I don’t have the agility to get out of the way and he runs me over, decloaking me in the process.  Of course, I point point him as soon as I can and fire up my defensive systems but I am slightly annoyed with this, I was supposed to be just the warp-in, I am not good at PvP and I could screw up now.  The Legion realizes, something is wrong and accelerates, getting slowly out of my point range.  But two can play that game and my micro warp drive kicks in, allowing me pursuit.  I am less than 10km from him when the first salvo hits – yes, dear reader, while I am chasing the Legion, the 2 Myrms and the Tengu decided to do something heroic and save their salvaging brother. They open fire instead of warping off.  Which – as we will see – is a mistake.

The Legion is rubbing hull with my Proteus and my overheated blasters blow chunks out of his shield.  I tend to forget about my drone bay that could be useful to jam the Tengu for example but its not too bad, the locals so far think I am just a lonely Proteus trying to bag himself a T3. They think they can win this.  They likely change their opinion when the rest of my fleet lands on top of them and bubbles fill the ether.  Unfortunately, “my” Legion was warp stabilized (I thought for a moment, I was jammed but I think that was not true), aligns and warps off – a darn shame, with the bubble on top of me instead the Tengu / Myrms, we could have had him.  But the tally of the night was still awesome, 2 Myrms, 1 Tengu plus their pods after a rough week at work made my evening.  Err. Its 3am.  I need to sleep 🙂

My friends took a video of this from the interceptor’s point of view.

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