Missioning Kinda’ Sucks

So I’ve been quiet here on Epigene’s blog the past month or two.  I decided to lay off the w-space adventures for a little bit and explore some other venues, including fighting the Sansha in high-security Incursions, and running a few hundred missions for various factions.  I built up tens of thousands of Loyalty Points, cashed them, in and came to the following conclusions:

1.  Incursions ain’t bad income, really. Very safe, few lost ships, and when you factor that in it compares very favorably to C3 income.  Kinda’ boring, though.

2.  Missions are TERRIBLE.  Even the much-dreaded “Angel Bonus Room” is trivial once you know what you’re doing.

3.  The new Mobile Tractor Unit and Mobile Depot are truly transforming modules for PvE.

I mainly got into Incursions to try to get better at Logistics piloting. I tended to choke under pressure, not know how to organize my team in my overview and watchlists, and set up broadcasts to know when people need reps. Those problems are solved, and while I’m not perfect, I’m much better at Logistics than I used to be.  I even tried a DPS boat for a while, but I found the “press F1” job incredibly, terrifically boring. Logistics is just a ton more fun to play.

Missions were challenging until I figured out the AI, how to use eve-survival, and got my fit tuned appropriately through some trial-and-error.  “Blitzing” the missions resulted in quite a bit more ISK when I eventually cashed out the LP at the Loyalty Point store.  Eventually, the missions I really wanted to loot & salvage began to go so quickly that I was waiting on the Mobile Tractor Unit to finish tractoring stuff, and that’s kind of dull.  I tried with two MTUs, and quickly found that they “fought” each other over wrecks, tugging them back and forth incessantly.  And the loot is HUGE compared to Sleeper loot/salvage, meaning I had to bring in a dedicated salvager to hold it all.

Overall, missions had some upsides, but were kind of a gigantic pain in the butt to cash out on.  It’s cool to try them out, but when I got Pirate Invasion three times in a row from agents, I was done. Same thing over & over again, not very exciting. Solid income, but compared to even Class 3 wormholes, it’s a pittance.  However, it’s easy income to make solo, and very consistent. I may have hours in a wormhole that I don’t make anything because our static is too well-occupied to risk running sites, so there’s a chance that mission income isn’t horrible compared to lower-end wormhole income.

But it’s a much bigger pain in the butt, particularly when the time comes to sell stuff off. Lots of sell orders, lots of managing inventory, lots of calculating LP values for items and trying to make sure you don’t saturate the market.

All that said, I did a good deal of missioning and solo C3 site running, and found the Mobile Tractor Unit and Mobile Depot both to be incredibly useful new unit types.  For sites with really long ranges and long complete times, the MTU is transforming; it makes it worth salvaging many sites that otherwise I’d have just skipped the loot on. Particularly when running C3 wormhole sites, the enemies are few enough and tough enough that a MTU when solo or in a small group can spell the difference between success and failure.  Basically, I don’t see a role for a fast, tractor-equipped and salvage-equipped Destroyer anymore, and the argument over tractor/salvager balance is now moot. Equip six salvagers, and maybe a tractor or two. Scoop the MTU, salvage as fast as possible, then get back to your safe spot and cloak. Sorted. So fast to salvage now, wow!

So that’s my update. Tried a few new things, with mixed success. More stories to come soon; there’s much more to tell.


5 responses to “Missioning Kinda’ Sucks

  1. Are you still running with the same armor fleets for incursions? I was re-reading your post the other day as I just finished logi 4 and am jumping into my first guardian! I was considering training for a basi or a scimi next (after logi 5…) and I was curious what gets more use in incursions.

    • It’s really split and just depends on what people are flying. The Basilisk and Guardian are far more survivable than the Scimitar and Oneiros (though the Oneiros is the more tanky of the two), so they tend to have a few more pilots, but logi is very often in demand. In fact, that’s the top complaint in Incursions: not enough logi pilots. But then there are too many!

      Skills with a Guardian translate well to the Basilisk due to the cap chaining. I’d recommend training Basi first, then Scimi and/or Oneiros later. A pilot that can fly all four typically has no trouble finding a fleet… as long as he has them all nearby!

  2. Hisec Missions suk ballz. Period.

    I have been running L3 & 4s for SOE solo inna HAMgu and I see mebbe 30 or so mISK… granted mebbe sorta like C2 or 3 ISK… but I was sorely spoiled by C4, which is a real jump from 1,2 & 3. And C6 ISK is simply stunning…one nights sites in fleet netted and easy 200 to 500 mISK…I was spoiled bad, 30 mISK feels like a waste of time…

    I tried with two MTUs, and quickly found that they “fought” each other over wrecks, tugging them back and forth incessantly.

    Here is what I do… Drop 2 MTUs, one at the warpin and then fly to the farthest reasonable point and drop the other. They tractor wrecks based on closest first so 2 units far enough apart will eventually clear the field and then tractor back n forth the 2 closest wrecks, but they will loot ALL of them. After I complete the room I return in an MWD & x8 Salver II fit Noctis… I scoop the first MTU, salvage the wreckbal amazingly fastl… then MWD to the farthest MTU scoop it and salvage that wreckball and done.

    I will admit ot being AMAZED that you actually SELL all the individual loots items… I melt EVERYTHING down to minerals… Minerals have fairly more stable prices most everywhere and the quiksell is rarely more than 10%, usually within 5, of the market average so I can sell em off fast and back the ISK.

    Plus, for me, right now all 44 of my sell orders are full with T2 assets I am liquidating after our move out of Bastion. Some are personal some, as I am now CEO, are for corp.

    Missions SUK….

    • Thanks for the tip on MTUs!

      The primary benefit missions have is that if I just have a few minutes to play, I can log on, take a mission, go blow it away, quickly salvage, be done and get on with my day having made a little ISK. In comparison, for wormhole work I normally need to scout the chain, evaluate my risk, set up warp-ins (sometimes) and safes (every time), warp back to the POS and re-ship to the site-running fleet I use when solo, run through the sites at around 15 minutes per anomaly warp-to-warp, come back and scoop the MTU and salvage.

      I can do that in one hour, but it’s hard, focused play. And the more sites I run during that session, the better the initial planning/scouting/setup/safes work “counts”.

      The latest trick I want to try is setting up a mobile depot for T3 sub swapping. I think I could make it work where I enter the hole in a cloaky PvP setup, swap to PvE fit, run sites, swap to a salvage setup with warp stabs & interdiction nullifier (since the MTU will have gathered them, I’m not worried about targeting range), salvage, scoop MTUs, and GTFO. Haven’t tried it yet, but I have a few mobile depots to experiment with that I don’t care if I lose.

  3. I feel the pain you felt in regards to “inventory overload” and the hassle of multiple sell orders. Then one day I had an epiphany. Most of that crap is being bought, not because people are equipping 1000’s of tier I ships w/ crap dropped from lvl 4 missions (and bought through the marketplace). NO! People are buying this stuff to reprocess themselves and either manufacture it or re-sell it for a profit. I then realized both my character’s had lvl 5 refining skills. Now loot management is a breeze. I know the small handful of items that are worth selling outright but a vast majority are immediately reprocessed into much easier to manage (and sell) materials.

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