Merry Christmas, New Eden

Drackarn over at his blog layed out how the various races celebrate Christmas and I am sure my fellow Gallente were getting ready for their special evening when it was Christmas morning in my C4.  I was taking my Proteus for a spin around the neighborhood.  I didn’t expect to find anything but maybe there is a bleary-eyed miner or PI runner with substantial hangover that needs a warm embrace.  As usual, my Falcon pilot hangs back 1 hole, keeping an eye on my route back but ready to jump into combat when (not “if”) I screw up.

Well, I found a whole load of nothing.  Our C3a had a static low sec that opened god-knows-where and a K162 from a C6, something to be handled with care.  The low sec in turn has a C2 and here the chain really starts with multiple exits to empire space (through which my corpmates haul fuel and ships a couple of hours later) and at the end of the chain a C1 with a floating corpse, ironically the first sign of life on my sojurn.  Likely some high sec dwellers found the entrance and were playing “gate camp in WH space”.  But by then, it had turned day on Planet Earth and my scouting was over.

I didn’t really mind the lack of content, ’twas a quiet morning and excitement would have broken the spell of a quiet Christmas in New Eden.


Well, as it turns out, the Christmas Spirit went through the Universe this season – yesterday, we trapped a scout in our home with me in an Onyx, Bishop in his cloaky Legion being the our scout on the other side and various members of our motley crew in whatever ship they woke up in.  So far so good, but the trapped scout is from the rather well-known WH Alliance “Upholders” and we expect cavalry to come any minute in order to bust our little camp open.  And it does, emanating out of their hole into the connecting C3 and unfortunately decloaking Bishop’s ship in the process.  His Legion dies within seconds, they brought battleships, command ships and whatnot – we are no match for them.  We switch into cloaked ships and wait for this to blow over.

An Armageddon jumps to us and ejects a can with Bischop’s mods.


Aw.  I love the Christmas spirit, thank you, gentlemen from Upholders and the many folks in New Eden who honor their words, play hard but fair and defy EVE’s reputation as a playground for sociopaths.

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