Sochicon – Part 1

Note. This is a continuation of my recent post where I described my aimless wanderings across WH space and ended up in an interesting C2.  

Well, so I am back in my C2 – it is interesting because it has more ships on D-scan than my overview holds.  All PvP ships, some Industrials but no T3 and no PvE ships other than a Drake.  Best thing, there is only one owner for all ships and he is online somewhere.  But where?

POS Floaters

A quick scan reveals the static High Sec hole, a static C1 and a short stack of signatures and other stuff.  Oh, another C2.  Touring the neighborhood, I find nothing of interest and so I start making preparations for my overnight camp.  Safespots, bookmark directories etc.  Always prepared, the boyscout says after all.

The Static High sec lights up, a sign that something is coming through.  Whatever it is, I won’t engage.  Its pointless, if I can kill it, it will jump back to safety and my cover is blown.  If I can’t kill it, I need to jump to safety and my cover is blown.  High sec holes are not ideal for these fights.

Enters a Stealthbomber, a small and nimble craft belonging to the local pilot.  The only one I have seen in this hole so far.  He warps smack to the POS and jumps into an Orca.  Fiddles with something and aligns.  Damn, where is my bubble, this is where I need my bubble on the High sec, a stop bubble, where is it, I put it somewhere, its not in the cargo bay, christ, I lost it whats all this crap, maybe my crew packed it under the ammunition crates. Fuck! No stop bubble. Remind me to have my crew flogged in the next Amarr station I dock.

The Orca whizzes past my Proteus, slams into the high sec hole and stays on it, teasingly as if bait.  But I had used my waiting time well, these guys are not into PvP and baiting, this ain’t a trap.  He jumps and is gone.  The hole creaks but doesn’t reduce.  Good.  He may do more trips for fuel etc.  I circle closer.  My hope is that he dumps stuff in the local station for later pickup and jumps the Orca back into the hole thus polarizing himself.  The seconds pass.  In my head, I count back from 4 minutes.  How long will my Proteus with full drones and overheated blasters need to pop this sluggish ship?  I don’t know. Must remember to bump him hard.  The seconds turn into minutes.  At  the 3 minute mark, I know its over and my cat throws me his condescending look he does when I curse in German.

Ok, now what.  I know his modus operandi now.  He does fuel (?) runs with Orcas, stays in high sec, comes back at some point, rinse and repeat.  Its late, I log off and sleep.

The next day, my targets are all offline.  How do I know my targets when I have only laid eyes on one? Well, some of the floating ships were not from him (you can right click the empty ship and get information on the pilot) and some are still named after the original owner.  “blacknumber’s Ibis” means, a guy named blacknumber was here sometime or lent his Ibis to someone or whatever.  But he is associated with the locals.


Zkillboard gives me more intel about the very sporadic fights this corp had in the past.  The Alliance is pretty decent but seems to be 100% nullsec, I doubt they come after me if I drop one of their own.

Suddenly, I see probes and a T2 scanning frigate on Dscan.  Where is he? Dscan narrows it down.  He shows up at yesterday’s C1 bookmark (always keep old WH bookmarks as deep safe spots for the future) but he is ~ 60km off.  He sits there uncloaked, surrounded by his probes.  Its too far for me to burn, there is nothing to bookmark and I know the drill, he will open the system view, make pretty balls and then press “scan”.  Then he will reload (which you can only do while decloaked) and then he will cloak again.  I align my boat and count seconds in my head while I see my km counter clicking down.  I worked out that I need 30 intervals of me counting slowly “One-Two” to get to the place where he is now. He predictably cloaks, I expected this, I just hold course, steady as she goes.  My hope is just that he stays put, not warp off cloaked.  I keep counting “One-Two” and the cat assumes that it is dinner time (why else would a human speak) and stretches himself.

His probes land on the new high sec hole pretty quickly – my alt sits there in his Falcon – and I assume that my target will scan down the hole, jump through, assess the route, get his Orca and do a fuel run.  Unless I scare the crap out of him by decloaking – and possibly killing – him during his scan.  I want that Orca.  I ain’t lying, I have bloodlust.  My counting stops.  I am in mid-space and it doesn’t look different than other space but I know it to be different.  The CovOps ship is likely a few km off my bow, he had no speed when he cloaked.  He is so close I could touch him.  If I could see him.  But then he would see me and I miss my chance at the Orca.

I stay cloaked.  My gunnery crew is screaming, wanting to pour Clorox into my podgoo and slap me silly.  I have a viable target within blaster range and I do nothing.

Probes are pulled in and the Covops shows up on the high sec hole, jumps, doesn’t depolarizes and doesn’t come back for 2 hours.  2 hours!  My patience is wearing off.  He was supposed to just jump out, get the bookmark then fetch the Orca, come back and get killed by me.  He didn’t buy into the plan, likely because I haven’t told it to him yet.

Well, I still don’t have a bubble and hence I need to go shopping, may as well do it now.  Amarr it is and I have plenty of locator agents.  Yes, please scan for him.  Yes, yes, I get the mail later.  I buy the medium T2 bubble, throw all things out that I normally like when traveling but still need to toss out a few Navy 400 Cap boosters and 500 round of ammunition to make space. Damn the bubbles are large.  I race back to the hole, relax and wait.  Setting the bubble up now is pointless, he’d just jump back out or cloak or something.  I need to wait for the Orca.  So I wait, and I wait, and I wait.

Its not that I am not enjoying myself.  I am talking to my crew on comms, including my C5 alliance mates who are always looking for trouble.    They ask me what I am up to and I tell them about the POS with the dozens of floating ships.  They ask me if the hardeners are online.  They are not.  They ask me if the guns are online.  Only some are.

They get interested….

To be continued….


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