Sochicon – Part 2

Ok, where did I leave the enthralled reader gasping for more?  Oh yes, my 2 man army camping a C2 with a POS so full of valuable ships that they look like a dense school of fish.  And we like fish.

If it was just me, I’d camp this frigging hole until I see the locals do “something”, anything, really.  I’d be happy to drop an Epithal, Noctis or whatever.  The flagrant display of wealth and the fact that the only 2 pilots seem to be online 23/7 is tantalizing.  They are watching me, but they can not.  They do not know I am here.

But it isn’t up to me anymore, my Alliance has perked up its unwashed ears.  A POS full of ships, a XL SMA in addition and a PvE carebear corp makes their mouths water.  Yes, yes, its a nullsec alliance with lots of kills, who cares.  Nullsec dudes don’t scare us. They need 100 friends on a gate and someone to tell them when to press “F1” – everything else scares them.  My alliance mates decide to put a second scout into my new hole, now officially names “Sochi” after the upcoming Winter Olympics.  With some maneuvering, I get one of my C5 crew mates into the hole, he looks around and confirms what I had reported – a POS flush with ships and sporting a “death star” configuration.  I mean, guns.  Lots of guns.  Its all “Darkblood”, towers and everything.  Someone spent a lot of money on this place, someone carefully runs this C2 and avoids all conflict, all engagement, all confrontation.

Well, this is about to change.  A couple of days scouting and our FCs are confident that we can take this thing on with Vexors (Navy Issues) equipped with 1 Cap transfer, 2 remote armor repairers and sentry drones.  A call is sent out on all channels and our alliance mates emerge from their holes across New Eden.  We literally buy every Vexor Navy Issue in Amarr and our fleet sets off to our entrance.  The goal is to quickly set up our own tower and start bashing the target while keeping the holes controlled.  Not so easy but we have  – so it was decided – the fit, the tactics, the knowledge and the element of surprise.

We jump in, a bubble secures our way out and my Falcon alt provides “eyes”.  The show is on.

First Round Bubble

Our team had run a few practice sessions, for several of us, the remote repair and cap chain mechanics was new and confusing.  Basically, you find your name in a list and you send capacitor to the one below you.  If the guy above you gets jammed, the entire chain moves one over, so it is hugely important to be on the ball, stay close to the anchor, rep who needs it, call out damage, monitor D-scan (always) and watch the hole with the alt.  There was some task saturation but after a while we got the hang of it.

Cap Chain

But the POS is fighting back and fighting back hard.  It has several neuts, lots of guns, ECM and basically is set up with as much firepower as can be put online.  Our little team makes some progress but a) this will take a long time and b) we are starting to fall apart.  People miss cap chains, repair the wrong target and we are getting really low on armor on some of our shooters.  A warp out is recommended to regroup and reconsider.

I make it out with a fair amount of armor left but I’d rather not do this again.  This was very stressful.

VNI out in time

The POS has scram and one of our numbers miraculously makes it out with literally 2% hull left.

Neft is lucky

This ain’t working.  People need to log off, we don’t have enough shooters and we need a real logistics team for this.  This is not the POS for a casual drive-by-shooting.  This demands serious planning.

We extract the team, shut down the tower and run while the POS owner casually stroll outside his forcefield and collects our abandoned sentry drones.  We leave the hole with our tails between our legs but we also leave a few scouts behind.  The goal is to get a bit better prepared and drop a bigger team on him.

As as our team files out, the local logs in an Archon and repairs the damage we have done to his guns.

This is not over yet….

Archon Repairing

2 responses to “Sochicon – Part 2

  1. Divide the vexors into squads of 6, then put a domi anchor in the middle of each squad with a full rack of cap trans acting as a cap battery. All vexors trans into the domi, and the domi dishes out back to each vexor. Use some remote eccm and voila – even if half the vexors are jammed/neuted, the domi still runs at 76% cap, 200 sensor strength, and tanking 1024 dps. Is it feasible with the kind of defenses you’re facing, or will the dps be too high for a domi sig?

    • Hey Rabbit, that is almost what we did. The Domi stayed in the middle but we had Guardians as support vessels. The trick really was to create shorter cap chains and take out the damps really early on the target POS. Ooops, I just went ahead in the story 🙂

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