I’ve moved!

Dear Readers,

Splatus has gracefully hosted me as a guest blogger on his site for almost a year now. Over the past few months, he’s gently — but insistently! — suggested I might want a little room to stretch out in my own Eve blog.  Well, this weekend I finally have a decent break from our regularly-scheduled PvP operations, and have the time to honor his wishes and move out.

Thanks, Splatus, for encouraging me to get into public blogging about the EVE universe, and always being a friendly and knowledgeable voice on Teamspeak, guiding me in my early days as a wormhole virgin and helping me get a toe-hold here on WordPress.com.

My new blog location is http://txgsync.wordpress.com/ . Join me there!

One response to “I’ve moved!

  1. TXG, its been an absolute pleasure! Your posts are great fun to read and while I feel sad to see you go, I am really looking forward to read your blog. My traffic will likely plummet back to single digits / month (kidding) when you are gone but I will be your most avid reader! fly very dangerously

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