With the departure of TXG to better and greener pastures, this blog will lose a great writer and connoisseur of fine story telling.  And while the EVE blogosphere is better for it, his departure will force my remaining two readers to learn about my smaller adventures, little skirmishes and mishaps on my way through New Eden.

So, lets see. What I have been up to?

Well, there was the day where my fleet mates warned me about an “active Nullsec hole full of goons” hanging off our C3 neighbor.  Of course, this needed to be investigated.  Active? Well, yes.  One pilot per system qualifies as highly active in null.  This one had 8 or so.  Goons? Sort of.  A goon pet alliance farming the CFC’s new plantation.  Not sure if they object to their yokes but they surely were mining like the good little indentured servants they are.

A Skiff and a Miasma on Dscan but it takes me a few seconds to find their ore site and they use the time to warp off to the safety of their station.  Oh well.  Cans and rat-wrecks give away the exact location where their lasers had hit the rocks until I interrupted them. I make a couple of tactical bookmarks before I jump back to the safety of Wormhole space.  I noticed that the local head count had gone a little over 10 now and I assumed that the locals have called a “real” goon to shoo me away.

Wormhole life is nothing but patience and I hang out in the C3.  My assumption is that the plantation workers soon need to get back to their mindless farming or feel the whip of their masters.  After 30 minutes, I jump back into their system and in one motion warp onto my ambush spot, in warp activating tank, overheating everything and not bothering with cloaking.  I know I need to be fast.  I had seen their response time to get reinforcements in, likely 2 minutes or so.

I land on grid and luckily do not bounce off a rock, come to a complete standstill staring into the cockpit of a Miasma ore hauler.  The Miasma pulls past my boat, I target him, fire up my micro warp drive and am activating guns.  Scram comes next but he is already in warp.  Wrong sequence of buttons, Epigene.  Land, scram, shoot. I have a wary eye on Local, headcount is still over 10 but D-scan is clear, even on long range.  So, the Miasma is gone but a Skiff mining barge is still suckling on a rock.  I guess he didn’t get Mitten’s permission to warp away but while he isn’t moving, he is slightly outside my scram range. I switch to long range ammunition, turn my sluggish boat around and MWD to him.  check d-scan, I am busy.

Just to reiterate, I am in a cloaky Proteus strategic cruiser, solo without backup.  I am in a goon pet plantation where they knew of my existence. If I was them, I’d set a trap with an overtanked miner and a bubble ship on standby.

The Skiff is now targeted, my faction scram is on him.  He’d need 3 warp core stabilizers to evade me now and he doesn’t have those.  My long range ammo starts to eat into his shield but its moving really slowly.  I don’t know much about mining barges but I recall that the Skiff is a tough nut to crack. Overheat blasters.  Time for drones.

See, drones are the Proteus’ ace in the hole.  They offer some DPS, but mostly flexibility, and flexibility is what Wormholes are all about.   In my drone bay, I carry Warrior II, ECM drones and some webbers.  The Warriors and webbers are designed to chase off interceptors, Bombers and other gnats.  The ECM drones are my last resort if I get into trouble.  But this Skiff isn’t going down and I fly my warriors Warriors to speed things up.  His shields are finally moving, he is in about 2/3 now and I am tempted to switch to short range ammunition when Dscan shows me a single ship inbound.  Ok, here they come, the trap is sprung.

The problem with wormhole life is that we don’t get to see the whole breadth of ships that fly in EVE. Destroyers for example are rarely flown, except for salvaging operations in very hostile environments where a Noctis would be suicide (yes, Oreamnos, I love my Catalyst, you heathen).  I don’t recognize the ship type that’s inbound to my but I vaguely remember that it is an Amarr Destroyer.  But what kind?  Interdictors have destroyer hulls, I know the Flycatcher but I am not familiar with other racial variants.  As I said, if I was this Nullsec outfit, I’d drop a bubble on the Proteus and then bring the cavalry.  And this seems to happen now. I align to something. I am getting cold feet.

The destroyer lands 30km away but approaches at very good speed.  Frack, I can’t remember, is this the Interdictor or not?  This decision right now means the difference between losing my T3 or losing a Mining barge on my killboard.

Blistering Barnacles, I am out of here.  I was already aligned and I engage warp to some celestial before I bounce back to my C3.  On the way, I check Dscan and see at least one Harbinger battlecruiser.  My drones didn’t make it back in time and once in the C3, I check what that destroyer was that had jumped me.  It was a Coercer, the T1 destroyer, not its Interdictor counterpart, the Heretic.  I could have stayed on field, send my warriors after the Coercer and kept pounding on the mining barge.  Damn, curse me and my EVE noobishness!

Well, that was my attempt to solo jump into a goon infested nullsec system and blow up a mining barge under their noses.  It “almost” worked if it wasn’t for my poor knowledge of EVE ships and poor choice of ship type.  Next time, leave the T3 in the garage and take a Talos, blasters, all blasters, far higher DPS and cheaper.

On the other hand, I did get lock and DPS onto this barge and probably scared the crap out of these guys, further perpetuating the wormholer’s reputation as the Boogeymen of Nullsec…  Op Success 🙂

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