tl/dr  my RL is incompatible with EVE right now – I am taking a break

My job is currently in transition which means 10h / day of dealing with chaos and preventing my team from falling apart.  That in itself is not a problem, I have been through a few of those phases before as I know most people have.  It just happens.  But when I do get home in the evening, I just want to kick back, enjoy some movie, eat great food and sleep.

For a while, I played EVE out of habit, doing my PI rounds just as one of my chores, like cleaning the litter box.  Once I realized that I logged in out of guilt, I stopped and it was actually quite liberating.  Amazing how many more hours are in the day all of a sudden.

Bottom line, I am done with EVE for now.  Its a combination of RL >> EVE and EVE not holding my attention any more.  The game I play has been the exact same for 3 years with little or no change and while there are many, many aspects of EVE I know little about, my desire to go out and learn them is nil.

So.  I will likely play Skillqueue online until my accounts run out, maybe extract my toons from the hole and dock up somewhere safe.  At the moment, I don’t even care about that either.  I can always pod myself out, after all.  I have a few ships in the POS that my corp is free to use or blow up as they see fit.

If one of the future expansions brings something new (and I doubt it, CCP announcing a minor rebalance of drones as major content for the new patch already) and my life stabilizes, I may come back.  I spent a lot of time in New Eden and I do like the promise of EVE.  But in the meantime, I will spend an hour here or there playing Planet Side (I really gave up on DUST) or other, similar light, games.  I may roll a toon on Elderscrolls Online – I played the beta and loved it but I do not think I can stomach another MMO for now.  I probably let it mature for a year.

I will miss my fleet mates, the Z3R0s and the Otters but know they are in good hands.  The alliance is strong, the pilots are great and the spirits are up.  IOS has never been in a better place.  They don’t need me and I made a few fast friends who have my RL contact details – I am sure, I will hear all about their shenanigans.

This blog, I don’t know.  Maintaining can be a chore but I do enjoy writing about stuff I experience in the pixel world.  I still read TheMittani and Jester and I listen to declarations of war podcast.  When you fast forward through Ali Aras’ whining, tortured soul, oh-so serious CCP apologetic, “its NDA, I can’t tell you anything” rants, Aleks is an incredibly smart and entertaining host who makes nullsec sound almost interesting.

So, with this, fly safe or reckless, as you choose, fight the good fight and never not take a bait.


10 responses to “Frozen

  1. Can I has your stuff? Sorry, I’ve always wanted to say that. Enjoy your RL, you will like it; and when you come back to Eve, it will feel funner and the time apart will have been totally worth it. It’s time for me to stop being a slacker and start posting in your place.

  2. Sad to hear – although you can’t argue against the reasons. Good luck, and I hope to be reading new EVE blog posts from you when the game and your real life align correctly again.

    • Thanks mate, much appreciated. I intend to keep this blog going. Originally it was a WoW blog (my WoW character was “Splatus”) and morphed itself into an EVE only blog quite late, actually. I do hope to keep contact with my friends and play other games, just can’t really get too deep into any right now… See you in space and keep up the good fight 🙂

  3. At least you’ll have time to continue your fiction. 🙂
    And enjoy your EvE-vacation. It’s refreshing to have it sometimes.

    • Thanks Th. I had forgotten about the story, I will definitely think about it. I sort of wrote 2 chapters but while I liked them, they were not leading to an end of the story….

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