Narwhals ate my Tengu

Ah, finally a tale of PvP, its been too long.  I am no good at PvP, but thats what I log in for. That and my corp and alliance mates.

So, logging in finds my colleagues probing into our chain.  A Procurer has been spotted in a Wormhole ore site without mining lasers running.  He is 2 jumps over and so obviously bait that he may as well could have renamed his ship to “Look at me, I am helpless, cant shoot back, please attack me, I am harmless, love xxxx“.  And hence Falou and I get ready to do just that, people in WH space are rare enough and in the words of our glorious leader “never not take the bait”.

But what ships to bring.  We will certainly lose them, so I opt for a bomber on my alt, the idea being that I throw a bomb from range, then follow with torpedoes.  The trap will spring and we have a Sabre, 2 T3, and a Prophecy on standby, depending what they bring.  If the trap is not sprung, to be honest, we have not really thought this through.

The fleet is a bit dispersed over the three wormholes and we are gently bringing them back into a couple of spots when my fleet mate casually mentions that he is being attacked.  Where?  Who?

Turns out, he waited in our home system on the interim wormhole and had his Sabre and his Prophecy jumped by a Vexor and a Hurricane.  God knows where they came from but there they are and pounding on him.  I turn my Tengu around and burn toward the hole, ditto with my bomber.  By the time I jump them in, our boats are toast.

Ok, so that evening hasn’t started that well, eh?  Well, its my Tengu now on grid with a Vexor and a Hurricane.  I get tackle (and webs on the Hurricane), overheat everything and start shooting the Vexor who is already deep into armor.   The idea being that I can pop the cruiser and keep tackle on the Hurricane until my buddy arrives with new ships.  It kinda forgot that the Vexor is free to simply warp off.  Well, thats a shame.  But the Hurricane stays and goes down in a hail of bullets.  He could have jumped back through the hole but decided to stand and fight.  Good man.  His buddy the Vexor skedaddled.

Well, so we have 3 wrecks on the hole, two of ours, one of theirs and a bunch of homeless drones sitting around, twiddling their mechanical thumbs.  Considering that we only narrowly beat them off and that destroyed two of our ships and we only one of theirs, we fully expect them to come back.  One of us uses the lull in the fight to break out a Mammoth and loot the wrecks, not much in it, but hey, its ISK.  He barely gets off the grid when the hole flares again signalling the transition of a ship.  But who?  For a second I thought it was our remaining scout in the C2 but he checks in somewhere totally different.  So, it has to be opposition, maybe our Vexor pilot and the Hurricane pilot in a new boat?  I have both my Tengu and my bomber cloaked up, the Tengu on the hole as a tackler, my bomber 30km ish away in slow orbit.  Not sure where my fleet mates are but we have 5 ships in play, the opposition had 2.  We can do this.

A Stratios decloaks, shoves off the hole and cloaks.  I am under no illusion that he is single, there has to be one more pilot on the other side.  Well, lets have it.  I decloak and steer to his last known position, maybe scaring him.  He decloaks, targets me and we begin the dance.  My Tengu is fairly well tanked and with overheated launchers, my missiles hammer through his shield.  My fleetmates signal their arrival.  It looks good for us, we got this.  I decloak my bomber and start throwing torpedoes into the fray.

The hole flares.  Again.  And again.  And again.  Ships decloak and a bubbles inform us that we just bit hard on a much bigger bait than we had anticipated.  We expected petty Vexor with a friend and we get hammered by 3 Stratios, a command ship, and at least two Interdictors or Heavy Interdictors.

Well.  That’s not going to look this good.  My fleet lands and we start beating down on the targets but we are not well enough coordinated to really make dent.  We know we are going down, the idea is now to see if we can take something with us and in the process burn out all our modules to spite the loot fairy.  No way we move out of the bubble, so I hug the wormhole, try to keep my transversal up but when the pressure gets too high, jump through the hole.  We are not quite clear whats on the other side but I am not surprised to see more bubbles.   Only one way out, align, and cloak immediately, then change direction and slowboat out.  The first steps work, I cloak and am on my way out when something jumps through behind me and by the love of Bob lands smack on top of me, decloaking me in the process.  He locks me and my shield is again taking a beating.  I return the favor, rather go out guns blazing than fade away.  Now that I know that I am dead, I decide to die in my own home and slowly boat back to my hole.  My fleet mate also jumped out but he was smart, they have interdiction nullifiers fitted and all they needed to do is to cloak and initiate warp and they are gone.

By the time I go into armor, I decide I try a trick, basically just before the last volley hits, initiate jump into my hole.  The idea is that the holeflash confuses my opponents, they may think that they lost lock on me because I am dead.  I wait until 1/3 armor (not much on a Tengu) and jump back home.  Whether or not this cute trick worked is irrelevant, the other side is camped to hell. I align my boat and out of sheer spite target something and shoot missiles.  Every missile shot reduces the dropped loot value 🙂

Well, here goes the boat and here goes the pod.  Sad, but neither of them expensive, really and I can afford it.  It was a good fight and I actually had fun.  My buddies made it out fine and “gf” was exchanged in local.  Our team scratches their virtual heads how we so thoroughly underestimated our Vexor / Hurricane-flying opponents when it dawned to us that this wasn’t actually the same corp.

The second team – the Stratios guys – were Narwhals Ate My Duck, a well known wormhole corporation, recently in the press for dropping hard onto nullsec-ers. They are rather formidable foes and our kitchen-sink, uncoordinated fleet was clearly no match for them.  To be fair, a better PvP group than us would have used our ships to far greater effect and may have even won this battle.  But we are not “elite” PvP-ers like these guys and the outcome was not in question.

Well, we had a lot of fun, an exciting fight and losing against Narwhals is not embarrassing.  But I am looking forward to our next engagement, hopefully we get some revenge 🙂




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