It is summer.  EVE is dying.


Yes, its pretty much dead.  Nothing ever happens.  Unless I play scout and hunter for my alliance Blackops run.  I am in an Arazu and gleefully tackle some N3 Ishtar only to realize that I can’t fire the covert cyno when my speed is above 500m/s.  Always read the users manual.  That Ishtar shoots back and I make it out in hull.  How, I honestly don’t know how.  Smoke pouring out of my ship, my fleet mates falling out of their chairs in drunken laughter.

Yes, yes, EVE is dying.  Nothing ever happens in Wormholes.  Well, our static was all of a sudden route for Obstergo, a rather well-known (but dying, of course) corp.  I happen to know one of the guys, we arrange a (very, very) temporary blue status and join comms to help them settle their new hole.  We even lend them ships, just like that.  As a team, we engage some other guys fighting on a High Sec WH and I leave with my burning Brutix, a Falcon lost and new friends.  Friends who will likely shoot me next time I see them.  And I will shoot them but that tends to never end well for me.

Yes, dreadful summer.  EVE is dying.  I log in and see my corpmate Falou chain rolling holes.  I gladly join him and we indeed catch and blow up a CovOps and his Pod.  Not so easy and I loooove my Nemesis.  Booya!  Later, the locals make some weird deal with us that we don’t really understand.  We are too drunk and laughing too hard to get to the bottom of it.

Bottom line, I don’t give a flying rat’s ass whether Jester quit or the Goon’s own Pravda decided to publish only about nonsensical 1980’s shooters rather than the world’s deepest space simulator.  Let the haters hate, let the neckbeards whine.  I don’t care.

I am having fun in EVE whenever I log in. Because content doesn’t happen.  It gets made.


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