Independence Day

Today, we are celebrating Independence Day.

I did not grow up in the US and much of the spiritual meaning may be lost on me but I strongly espouse the principle of self reliance, political self-governance and economic independence. July 4th is one of the few US holidays I can get behind. It takes guts to decide to break the ties, it takes conviction beyond measure to free oneself of oppression.

Kudos to those who attempt, admiration to those who succeed and honor to those who failed in the attempt.

And since this is a blog about EVE Online, the game which is a lot more fun to read about than to play it, on this day, I salute all you little corporations, you independents, dreamers, pirates, and wormhole dwellers.

None of us will own ever own “Sovereignty” but all of us can go where we please.  None of us will ever be written about on but any one of us has more stories of ganks and escapes to tell than the internet can hold.  None of us will ever fly in a fleet of of thousands but all of us giggle like girls when we whack someone* with three corpmates.  We will only “bend our knee” in order to place it into someone’s groin.

This day is for us, gentlemen and gentlewomen with dubious backgrounds and uncertain futures. It is an honor flying with you.

Happy Independence Day!



* our victim and I swapped EVE mails, GF etc.  We had podded him and made sure that has a route back in before we left his hole.


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