W Space little Things

Apparently, CSM has a WH candidate and is concerned about to learn what our community would like to see changed in the future.  Corbexx posted a thread on EVE-O forums that is filling rapidly with – shocking – rational thought and good discussion.

I added my humble voice to the growing thread and copy my text below.  But if you live in WH space, go here and bring forth your wisdom.


Thanks for creating this thread, much of what is suggested here is relatively minor, I take that as a sign that WH in general is still well balanced. Having said that, here are some thoughts

1. Meaningful deployables. I wrote some time ago about WH generators. Basically, you plop down a “C2” generator and a new hole spawns. 1 / system, dies after e.g. 2 hours and its fairly expensive. Other meaningful deployables could be mobile anom / sig generators for various types. Of course, nothing is as simple as that, it requires thought. But it would go in-line with CCP’s desire to make players more “in charge” of their environment.

2. Put the ore sites back into signatures. I personally do not mine but with the new compression array, WHs could be more lucrative for industrial corps. Mining however is too dangerous, especially in holes with many connections. We _want_ industrial corps in WH space. Each indy corp has a few scouts, a few site runners and a few guys who want to PvP. The concept of EVE / WH space being all PvP is not sustainable in the long run.

3. Add value to “lower tier” WHs. Without PI, C1 and C2 life becomes unsustainable. The fuel prices are the same as for a C6 but the income is pitiful. And PI… see below.

4. Fix PI. Not WH specific but the clickfest to manage a planet is asinine. Its much more mental torture than part of a game. Everyone loves the ability to make ISK without danger but it likely caused thousands of carpal tunnel syndromes already.

5. Hauler balance. What happened to the whole concept of “trade-off” in ship balance? A warp-stabbed Epithal is near invulnerable. How did that slip past the CSM 8 (was it CSM 8?). The idea of dedicated PI bays is neat but there has to be a consequence for maxing its cargohold.

6. Moon mining, yes, its a low / nullsec thing. But we have nullsec Planets, why not moons? Don’t make it a big thing, 1 moon / system with limited resource layer. It would give WH corps more incentives to roam, evict and move their homes. It would give smaller corporations more staying power and reasons to fights (and to evict others). How about scaling it reversely: The most valuable moons go into C1/2? Now that would get some activity in those neglected places (I am not entirely serious about that)

5. C1-4 Escalations. C5-C6 have escalations, why not the other WHs? Instead of a Cap to initiate, use a BS to do so in C2-C3 and a BC in C1. Spawn a couple of battleship rats, maybe scram to make it more dangerous.

6. Alliance / corp based market place. SugarKyle recently wrote about the role of Alliances. Basically, allow corporations and alliances to generate tradehubs out of POS-es. The access to the market is defined by the access to the POS (in WH space thats pretty limited, I know) and the the volume can not exceed the dedicated hangar. But it would allow corps / alliances to sell to their members directly instead of using some complicated spreadsheet and it would allow WH alliances to put up markets inside their holes / in k-space for their alliance mates. And in Wormhole space, nobody pays taxes, of course.

7. Hack towers. There must be a thread somewhere but WH space has too many dead towers sitting around. A dead tower should be “hackable”, then take it down and with you. It cleans up space, removes (to some extent) the defense against invaders and could generate a little cottage industry of WH divers who make ISK from it (and hence become targets).

8. Balance hacking sites. I don’t know what most people do but we don’t even bother with hacking our Data and Relic Sites. To run them (C4) needs a team, its not efficient to hack the containers, it is much more efficient to run the next anom or signature. We would do it if they contained something more valuable (even if it was rare).

Thats it for now. I am sure I can think of more later.


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