3 years in a hole

My main character was born end of January 2010.  He is not my first character (that honor goes to this one, whose log-in credentials I lost) but with Epigene, I explored New Eden most.  Like all good CCP customers, I have more than one account and a bunch of alts but I identify with Epigene most.  I’d rather biomass than sell him, that much is for sure.

Epigene has a rather short corporate history for a character of this age and on July 10 2011 joined the Wormhole Corporation : Z3R0 Return Mining with 10 million SP.  Oreamnos Amric and I made the jump together and we have been corp mates and friends ever since.

Our first hole was a C2 (the corp who owns that hole now is still in our alliance and are vicious killers at that) and we learned about scanning, scouting and running sleepersites.  We learned about omni-tanking and evading PvP as much as possible.  None of really knew how to do this and our corp was led by a highly organized team of director veterans who literally provided everything for us newbs.  Only much later did I realize just how much work they did and how much time they spent building this corporation.  Our CEO was mostly absent or flying in his own C4, I never actually saw him in space and certainly heard his voice more on his podcast than on mumble.  He made us move to a C4/C4 which was about the worst combination one can get.  Never-ending chains made supply runs brutally hard and we all got burned out scanning.

Orea and I blogged about some of the drama that our little corporation encountered, the moves, the losses, the thefts and pride of owning our own holes and – later – our own alliance.  Yes, our Alliance – Illusion of Solitude – is nearly 2 years old.  Born out of a tantrum, we emerged strong, slightly anarchic and actually very stable.  We moved into the hole of one of our Alliance corporations, a C4/C3 which is a much improved situation, every C3 has a empire exit, so finding routes is never difficult.  Our Alliance grew – against the predictions of some – we now stand as active as one can be in the middle of the summer.  And we are still growing, not a week goes by where a corporation doesn’t express interest in joining but our we are picky – only WH corporations who can hold their own are considered.  One / two man corps failing in their own holes and seeking numbers by joining an alliance may not apply.

Much kudos to our stability goes to Oreamnos who holds us together with a cynical fist, snarking at the lack of fuel in our towers, crummy bookmark discipline and floating ships in the POS.  Z3R0 Return Mining and Illusion of Solitude would not exist if it wasn’t for Orea, so if you see him in Local (which is damn rare for us Wormholers), please pay your respect and add to his bounty.

And so, I celebrate this summer two milestones.  3 years (Jul 2011-Jul 2014) in Z3R0 Return Mining space and in August 2 years of Illusion of Solitude.

6 responses to “3 years in a hole

  1. I had the privilege of flying with both these fine gentlemen. Epi does not kid around when he tells of how much work Oeramnos puts into the Corp/alliance. If my real life would allow it I would join with you guys again and enjoy the fruits (and sometimes follies) of w-space. Epi, congrats on the milestones, and keep on putting those sleepers in their place.

    • Thanks Red, we had a good time together and I am sorry if we could not work this out on a more permanent basis. My RL pretty much excludes me from flying during the week now and only sporadically during the weekend. But maybe we can hook up one day and drop on some unsuspecting haulers?

  2. Ive always wondered why your blog was called splatus. Now it all makes sense.
    Grats on sticking it out this long and thanks for letting us in on the party.

    • Hey Nylon, its great to have you crazy guys around. Would love to fly with you much more but ~timezone~. I love reading about your shenanigans on our killboard 🙂

  3. On a post like this I have to do one of my signature late-night cameos from I-won-EVE land. Much was lost in the haze of my damaged memory, but I still remember the days when we decided that we would _not_ align with nullsec interests. I remember when Jade and that guy who always hit on me (I forgot his name) tried to convince me to tell everyone else that this is the way to go, and I refused. I remember Orea and his wonderfully subtle style of leadership.

    I only vaguely remember the time when we really started to grow. But I do still remember how happy I was when the choice for the alliance name became one of my suggestions.

    From far away I am still proud of you all and how you keep things alive.

    For as long as IOS exists, something of me will be with you.

    • Aurelie, I keep repeating myself but we miss you. IOS is not the same without your snarky self debating the existence of God at 3am with our pilots from the midwest or your slightly inebriated roams with way too expensive ships. And where your memory is hazy due to medical reasons (trucks are not to be taken head-on, you learned that one, yes?), I “choose” to forget the annoying episodes of our little alliance, the thefts, the nonsense of joining nullsec and the the irritating Dutchman who is still by the way around somewhere making an idiot out of himself. I prefer to focus on the good times of friendship and growth… Come to jabber some day, we throw you a party… 🙂

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