Hyperion and Wormholes Part 2

I wrote about my early impressions on Hyperion from the perspective of someone who actually lives in a C4 and flies with a quite small corporation.  As I mentioned, Hyperion changes – like all changes to EVE – benefit larger outfits more than smaller one. CCP is perfectly open in that – larger corporations create larger fights, create more press, create more subscribers.

Corbexx is our active WH resident on CCP and therefore was kneedeep in the discussions of this patch.  He has published his impressions on the changes on his blog and I can’t feel but smug about his realization:

My small alt corp I have that makes T3 also has a C4 wormhole it had a C3 wormhole and was a really sweet place to relax, It had perfect PI me and 4 of my mates could easily run sites in there and pvp in the c3 if we wanted. The down side is with the patch we got our second static that was a C5. Now this sucks combined with the mass/distance change and the frig wh. we are basically screwed. As a small corp we really struggle to close the C5 with assuming we could all use orcas which we can’t it would still take 2 rounds to close it, with battleships 3 rounds, If there is any big group in that C5 we basically have no way at all of closing it safely.

Yeah, no shit, Sherlock.  Some of us saw this coming a mile away.  The changes to C4 are not designed to keep carebear or alt corps in C4.  The changes bring C4s on the level of C2s, non-stop vigilance and PvP with very limited ability to make ISK.  Many dedicated carebear corporations will certainly see the sign and move out, I have no doubt about that.  Whether they will be replaced by larger, more PvP-centric outfits remains to be seen.  Again,Corbexx agrees with this:

We’ve not the only ones having this issue. So are others and I see others leaving. However while some move out others will hopefully move in as its potentially a decent PvP wormhole for small groups. This is why for the dual statics I’m happy to pay the price for this change.

Isn’t that charming?  Our CSM candidates suffers because his alt can’t farm his C4 in peace any more because massive PvP corporations (like the one from his main) now have easy access to him.  That’s called “content”.  My heart bleeds for Corbexx and members of these “elite” corporations that need to have “alt-holes” since they are too big to earn enough ISK from their main hole.  And you need that many people in one hole because how would you otherwise fly a 30 man fleet every night?

Well, poor us don’t have “alt holes”.  We live in one hole / corporation and we are an Alliance of such corporations.  We eat what we kill in our home and in our chains and there was a time when we actually too many members actively farming the resources.  C4s only support that many pilots.

In Hyperion, our little band of brothers certainly has seen the change.  I only logged in a couple of times (RL >> EVE) but instead of logging into a quiet backwater from which I scan for “content” (remind me to write a blog post on the use of “content” in EVE before the fad fades), I find myself in the middle of skirmishes, posturing, threats and suddenly opening holes.  Where we used to have a C3 static (and often just that), I could park and alt on the hole and do a quiet PI run with my main, read the BBC and drink coffee while taking a shower and getting dressed at the same time (I am exaggerating).  Them days are thoroughly over, me thinks.  We had at least 4 holes every time I log in and our chain is massive.  Each C3 seems to be making Swiss Cheese look solid and only our new C5 neighbors offer some predictability in that they only have their static or a nullsec to nowhere and nobody online.  Deep in our chain, we even murdered a Retriever in classic take-down.  Pity the fool who mines in WH space with this many holes connecting everything to everyone!

Retriever Takedown


And talking about mining – the days of pure PvE fleets are over as well.  As a C4 crew, we can’t just put 1 guy on the hole and watch D-scan, run sites and drink beer.  I guess to run C4 sites in our hole we need at least 6 human pilots online with 12 ships (not each, do we look like nullsec carebears?).  In addition to mandate dedicated times to organize corporation runs, it limits the amount of ISK that an individual pilot can make.  As I said before.  EVE is defined by Risk / Reward.  Risk has gone up a lot, Reward has staid where it was.  Even Corbexx and his alt corp notices it.

What does that do to us?  Well, our dedicated site runners have not logged on. We have a group of hard-core carebears who will strip a system clean with machine-like precision and help with fuel hauls and scanning but never go out of their way to engage in PvP.  We like our PvE crew, they generally keep our C4 free of pesky signatures and anomalies and they even used to mine so that the corp may build ships from the Ore.  Since Hyperion, nobody has seen them.  I would not be surprised if they had moved out for safer farming grounds in nullsec or one of the massive WH organizations that can afford to create total security in their home systems.

So, overall, the changes are exactly as predicted – smaller C4 organizations will have to change or get out, wormhole space has become a lot more dangerous for smaller groups in general and forces them to aggregate and become posturing blobs in order to pay the fuel bill.

I for myself have fun with it for now – I fly frigates and cheap crap (corp mate just sold me an Algos!), gone are my days of flying T3.  The income I make is nowhere near enough to pay for these ships but I can whelp the occasional bomber or destroyer.  And that I will!

5 responses to “Hyperion and Wormholes Part 2

  1. We joined an alliance… but yes. We have exactly the same issues and circumvented it by kissing someone’s ring and losing our independence.

    • Joining an alliance is certainly a good way to create a deterrent against invasions, but it does not help with day-to-day security all that much. That needs sheer numbers of pilots in the hole itself which reduces the individual earning potential… Good luck to you tho!

    • He is a good pilot, engaged player and good CSM. I value that higher than grammar or spelin skilz

      Edit. Illiteracy in the context you imply is the total inability to read or write. Considering that he writes a blog, that is an incorrect use of the English language. See, you learned something today. You are welcome.

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