Lost in Translation

I commented before on the new Wormhole Spawn rate – it has indeed slowed down a little but we still have many connections leading to scanner burn-out and of course extremely long and tedious chains.  But they also seem to be leading to more content and corporations adapt swiftly and efficiently.  Our site running team for example tested a new mixed PvE / PvP fit that promised to be highly successful and resilient to hostile action.  It may need a little tweaking but in theory it works perfectly.

Anyway, I am wandering around and scan down a new C5 which leads to a C4 (among several NS holes, a frigate hole, an EOL C1…).  The C4 seems promising, it has a C2 static and I stroll in, see what the locals are up to.  Oh, look.  A Raven on Dscan, not aligned with a tower / bubble.

Site runner?  No, no wrecks.  Guard at some WH?  Could be, 3 sigs in this place, one of them the hole we just came through, so must be one of their statics.  Raven is aligned with a planet and I pick a random Moon, warp at range and see nothing.  A dead tower, but no Raven. He is close tho, not cloaked and I take another attempt on Dscan when he suddenly moves and almost literally lands on top of me.


Am I not cloaked?  I am still cloaked.  How did he know where I am?  I didn’t warp decloaked from the hole, there is no way.  With that many moons on this (or all planets), this is an incredible coincidence.

Incredible is right.  We have a Raven flopping about this C4 like a fish in a barrel.  Bait, says my careful self.  Target says my wannabe PvPer self.  Considering the amount of red ink that spilled on our killboard tonight, I’d risk adding my Proteus to it, but some green would be nicer.

How to break a Raven?  Well, my trusty alt is in Jita, shopping for ships.  While he is haggling (he is Caldari, the Scum), I have no combat-ready alt available to assist.  I am in a cloaked Proteus facing a Raven from Bob-knows-where with Bob-knows-how-many-friends.  I don’t think I can break his tank easily – even if he doesn’t have friends.  If I at least had a Falcon, then I could render him useless and peck away at him.  But  Raven at point-blank range can’t really miss my Proteus and its going to hurt.  Time to call the cavalry, my corp mate Storm logs in a Falcon and his Hurricane and hurries down the pipe.   The usual confusion where I am and he finds the hole, jumps, I motor in range, ready to pound on the Raven and….

He warps off.  What the living f***?

He has not seen anything, it was just a coincidence.  Really, he warps to some other random planet / moon and spews probes out.  I am heading after him but he is on the move and we can’t nail him down.  He has Core probes 1 out now and seemingly is scanning down the 2 remaining holes – both statics.  Apparently successful, he disappears from D-scan.

Crap.  He is gone.  Well, not so fast.  He is not very good at this – scanning took him a long time in the unbonused ship and with T1 drones.  He has no cloak, he is randomly selecting celestials.  And I don’t think he knows we are here.

I scan down the hole that he seemed to have disappeared into – the C2 – and jump in hoping he is just decloaked by the hole somewhere. He ain’t.  But he is on D-scan, so are other ships but I don’t care about them now.  They are noise.  I want my Raven, sauteed with a dash of garlic.

He does the same thing, zooms about the system but without probes this time.  Never stays more than a minute on each moon and seemingly also makes safe spots.  I think he is trying to make a perch for a lengthy scan session.

Storm and I are now joined by Rxs, who had just uncrated his new Loki and is itching to try it out.  He follows us down the chain and – crucially – he brings a Combat Probe launcher.  I know, I know, we drop probes, the game is up but if our target is really as dense as we think he is, we may get him at his “safe” spot.

Rxs jumps into the C2, guided in by Storm and I, drops his combats and gets the fat Battleship to 90% with the first scan.  But the target warps off.  Rxs tries again, nails it to 100% and initiates warp.  Our target sits in his safespot and drops probes.   Rxs lands on top of him, scram, guns, web and Storm and I land our respective boats to join the slaughter.  Weapons free, that Raven soon is toast but we miss the Pod.  The loot is pitiful, I stuff what I can into my cargo hold for corp donation.

The pod pipes up in local – in Russian.

VoVik Gorec > Вот спасибо!)

I am polite but my Russian is only as good as Google Translate

Epigene > Вы хотите маршрут
VoVik Gorec > да

I think this means “yes”

The pod is stationary – so far I have not promised anything, have I?  I need to play for time, let him do the translation:

Epigene > I need to scan

Epigene > we need to put probes out

But Rxs used his combat probes to scan him down, warp us in and I scram him.  I promised to help him find a route – and we are good as our word.  Our Raven pilot is transported swiftly to a cloning vat where surely he is contemplating what went wrong.

Moral of the story – there isn’t one.

This is EVE

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