The Vikings are back

Well, here we are – CCP announced changes to long distance travel in low and nullsec space. The overall intent was to create more activity in nullsec and whether that cunning plan will work or not shall be seen.  A few years ago I would have found the threadnaughts amusing and might have idly followed the blogosphere for entertainment.  But I just don’t care.  Nullsec is too far away from my wormhole and their woes shall not concern me.  Sure, sure, some will unsubscribe a few of their dozen accounts but I doubt EVE will be worse off.

But there is one thing that is incredibly positive about the upcoming change.  Not the jump fatigue or other gimmick.  No, the most encouraging news is that CCP have their mojo back.  After Incarna, I truly feared CCP had lost its vision, its purpose and its Viking guts for glory.  Expansions became patches and patches became bug fixes, even the players lowered their expectations.  A subtle change of some arcane mechanic (spawn distance from a wormhole based on mass) made huge waves.  Copying and pasting the hole code from C2 to C4 was hailed as a massive game changer (it wasn’t).  We, players, CCP and CSM lowered our expectations what EVE could be right to the floor.

But no more.  CCP is back, guided by Seagull, the Vikings donned their horned helmets, drank their mead, grabbed their battleaxes and rewrote Nullsec, staring down the most powerful player blocs EVE has ever seen.

Now that the ice has been broken – we all are allowed to think big again. No more “W-space little things” Mr Corbexx, release the hounds.

My next post will focus on some ideas that have been rattling in my head for some time.  They seemed too outlandish to write down.  No more.

6 responses to “The Vikings are back

  1. Epi, ya know I love ya like brother man but god PLEASE don’t ask CCP to fuk with holes!!!! Anoikis is the ONLY part of EVE that works as intended. Gods but I do fear CCP messing bout with our time honored mechanics and traditions…

    If it works, dunt fix it.

    • The issue is that it doesn’t work. Not really. Or at least not as well as it could work. Tur, do not be afraid. CCP doesn’t read my blog, neither does anyone from the WH corps who matter. My rantings will stay between the two of us 🙂

      • That’s my fear… …that it doesn’t really work. Not Really.” This is a subjective assessment. EVE< IE Anoikis, is not "broken" it does 'work', IE you can warp through a wormhole, you can fly in space, you can make BMs, you can anchor a POS, you can fight Sleepers… etc., etc., etc. right? OK so it aint broke and it DOES work…

        …it doesn’t really work. Not Really.” is a SUBJECTIVE assessment and actually means, “I’m not HAPPY with how it works ATM.” right? right.

        However, “I” am happy with Anoikis as it is… very happy. Everything works exactly the same for me, and yet I love it THE WAY IT IS.

        So, who decides?

        And here is the crux of the issue… CCP does. It’s their game. Now, does Anoikis “work” in their opinion? Depend on what they want from it, what they want the experience in Anoikis to ‘be’ like… and “CCP loves PVP”… and when PVP is down anywhere in the game, CCP will look for ways to bring it back up…

        Hence the wormhole jump landing range changes… hence the Jump Drive Changes… so I guess we’ll see huh? =]

        • Who decides whether WH space works for me? Who decides what features I think would game play better? Are those rhetorical question? Of course, I decide. Whether others agree with me or ccp actually builds them are entirely different questions!

          Expect post end of the coming week :).

  2. Oh and dood… I used to feel that way bout my little blog… you know, no one ‘really’ reads my drivel… At least not like Kirith or Sugar or Jester (gods rest his muse)…

    But, I found out the vast majority of my actual readership does not ‘follow’ me nor comment… yet I, for some weird reason I AM followed and read… I mean, how else did CCP Seagull ever hear of my Open Letter? So I sit and type in the dark… same as you… and I hope and pray I am heard, even if just a little… and I am always amazed when I find out I am… =]

    You have moar peepls reading your :stuff: than you know… keep it up bro…
    Do as I do… sit up proudly in your dark little closet and keep on typin!

  3. I hope the thoughts you have are extreme Epi =).
    To my mind the Hyperion changes to W-Space didnt go far enough-i dont really think ANY mechanic changes were neccesary-it all seemed to work just about ok…but CCP decided to tinker…it seems like they flip-flopped over the whole thing with the result that the only groups that really got kicked in the teeth were the smaller-“lower class” groups(like what i used to be part of! =) !).
    Case in point was the “new jump distance spawn range”…when it was first announced there was possibility for Capitals getting spat out 30-40km away-and smaller ship sizes also much further out-e.g.25km for Orcas..20km for BS’ etc…due to the massive whine Fozzie et al caved and instead of something that could really shake things up implemented some sop mechanic(s) that really just pisses everyone off.

    I really wish they had-and hope they do in the future but doubt it now-put a bomb into W-Space so that it “messed” things up for Everyone(C6>C1).God knows it needs it….you see talk on forums of activity levels being down post Hyperion especially in C1>C3 systems attributed to small corps/alliances giving up but really..the rot has been there for months and months….”l33t” Corp T3-Only with fuckton of Logi 20-30 man gangs rolling around fat,lazy and risk-free ganking pretty much ruined W-space for the rest.

    Anyway-i took a month off(didnt have any motivation to play) but am back these past 10 days or so…damn its quiet =)

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