More ISK than skill

October is tradeshow-month in my industry and hence I spend more days in hotels than at home.  I discovered a neat trick: When waking up disoriented at night, check the notepaper stack next to the phone.  It has the name of the hotel on it.  Its a good start, it tells you where you are but not why you are there.

So, consequently, I hardly logged in and played the game.  Even if I could install EVE on my work-laptop, I wouldn’t, its one of those teeny-weeny HP jobs that is decent enough for email but struggles on anything else.  EVE is a game played on a 20+ inch screen or none at all.  At least during scouting and PvP, my old eyes need the real estate of a real monitor.  Actually, I considered to roll a high-sec only trader or miner account but I’d rather go to the gym or play a game that is, you know, fun.

In a rare moment alone at home with EVE, my corpmate Brodit and I ran into a team of C4 Austrians that were even less competent at PvP than we were.  I had scouted the route and jumped from their hole to their C2 neighbor – smack into an Impel that cross jumped.  I tried to catch up – futile, the wormhole dropped me nearly 15km away from jump distance but they did see me.  From their POS, they warped an Onyx Heavy Interdictor to the hole and cloaked it up.  May as well not be cloaked and have a sign around its scrawny neck saying: “we are baiting you, please bring some ships we can kill”.  So we did.  The next time the bait Impel jumped in, I decloaked my Proteus and waited for the bubble.  It took them forever, likely the Onyx pilot was more scared than I was (which is hard to believe).  My colleague Brodit was in his cloaky Proteus, I had an alt in a Tengu and we started to shoot a bit at the Onyx to see what they bring.

Well, they truly mobilized – 4 Tengus landed on us and later during a fight a Sleipnir made its appearance.  Our fleet’s 3 T3s got one of the Tengus into 2/3 shield but thats about it.  They focused their DPS on my Tengu and I jumped across to the C2.  Nobody there, so I warped off to regenerate shield. My Proteus was next on their target list but that thing has a decent tank and I didn’t really worry too much.  But the 4 Tengus put out quite a bit and eventually, it was getting too much. Brodit too, he jumped across as well and I realized that I was not tackled and simply warped off.  Brodit soon jumped back in, got targeted and shot at.  For some reason, he got free, went home and logged for the night.  We had both run out of ammunition (yes, we had to reload a few times, which speaks to our tanks more than our firepower) and my modules were nearly burned out.  I brought my beat-up Proteus back home and repaired the damage.  I had also lost a few Hammerheads in process.

Overall, damn, T3s are hard nuts to crack.  They should have won this fight.  It was their hole, they could have easily dropped a neut Legion on us, more tackle or just raw DPS and it would have been lights-out for at least one of us.  But they didn’t and neither did we. As the makeshift FC of our mini fleet, I should have asked Brodit to jump into anything but another cloaky Proteus.  Pretty much anything would have worked, a Talos, some bastardly-tanked Neut ship, anything but another Proteus-swiss-army knife.  Heck, in hindsight, I would have used my hole-closing Dominix.  It has buffer, it has lots of neuts in the highs and T2 sentry drones.  And its about the same price as a T3, so, whatever.  Basically, it proved the point, as a WH resident I have way more ISK than PvP skills….

Anyway, no T3s were harmed in the production of our little skirmish but fun was had and shots were exchanged.  Thats the main thing.

Other noteworthy things – CSM representative Corbexx ran a “sounding-board” session with representatives of the different wormhole classes.  It was a truly excellent event – can’t think why we don’t have more of them.  He posted some ideas that address occupancy of wormholes, ISK generation and “reasons to fly in wormholes”.  We all had comments on his ideas but it was a very constructive and fun session.  Despite being with one of the Powerblocs of WH space, he gets the issues of the smaller corporations in “lower holes”.  At the end, he promised to present the outcome of this conversation to CCP, so if anything amazing is added to our space, I shall take full credit 🙂   But Corbexx asked us not to publish the conversation, not because its NDA or something complicated but he wants to refine the brain dump and not create a forum shitstorm on something half-baked.  Thats fair and Corbexx, if you are reading this – you have my vote for CSM 10 (if you are running)

Thats that – plans for next week are to get my alt back into the hole, and re-think my little 2-main fleet composition.


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