Geballte Ladung

The title of this post refers to a weapon widely used in World War I to roll up an enemy in his entrenched position.  Basically, its a hand grenade (the old fashion model, also called “potato masher”) with 6 additional grenade heads wrapped around it.  Pull the fuse, throw it into a trench and 4 seconds later something will have drastically changed one way or the other.  Not always the way you wanted it but thus is the way of explosives.

M24 geballte ladung

CCP just did a similar thing – instead of potato mashers they threw a recorded Twitch show into the EVE meta.  Among the (highly professionally produced) content were interesting sideshows like “how to fit a Wolf” or “how to make EVE music”, a segment that made me want to call Russell Brower and force him to send his resume to Iceland.  But those stories were sideshows to the real meat of this message – announcing features for the upcoming expansion in Rhea.

As far as I can tell, there were two separate announcements, removal of clone grades and opening of a new Wormhole system.

Well, without the Dev Blog to guide us on the detail, much of what follows in the blogosphere is pure speculation.  But the overall resonance and feeback of the playerbase is “pure awesome”.  Check out the “den of the bitter vet” where tears flowed like a river when CCP curtailed their ability to hearthstone from one fight to another.  The comments on the article discussing are nearly universally positive.

So, firstly, no more clone grades.  EVE’s death system allowed for person to jump into a new clone at the moment of death.  Clones came in different grades, the older a player was and the more skills he has accumulated, the more expensive the clone.  If he forgets to purchase a new clone and gets killed again, a portion of his skills was taken away as a penalty.  Penalty for what people may ask?  For being eager to get back into the fight?  For fighting in the first place?  For being drunk or stoned?  But those are all EVE virtues!  Exactly.  Death Clones of different levels did nothing to the game, allowed little to no modification, cost money and were annoying.  CCP responded after 10 years not with a subtle change (make them cheaper, offer an undock warning) but threw the grenades – they simply will obsolete the entire mechanic.  Awesome.  Can I hug and kiss someone?

The second change even more sweeping.  Long has CCP hinted at opening new space, making exploration again interesting and offering groups new avenues to delve deeper into the mysteries of space.  Bloggers had their own detailed ideas how this space and mechanic could look like.  The time for new – truly new – content is simply here.

CCP answered with a “collection of new wormhole systems” to be rolled out in Rhea.  As far as I can understand it, its Anoikis alright, i.e. access goes through wormholes like all the space we currently live in.  CCP Fozzie spoke about one specific system called Thera that basically is the Wormholer’s equivalent of Jita.  Without Local channel without concord but gigantic and with stations in promises to be a wild west saloon where everything goes as long as you don’t shoot the pianist.  Needless to say, I am beside myself with plans to alpha hapless haulers under the noses of their nullsec-carebear bodyguards.  If wormholers are good at anything, its hit & run operations. Oh yes, like that one last night.

Well, I wrote before that CCP seems to have their viking Mojo back and by jolly did they prove it tonight.

Bombs away!


One response to “Geballte Ladung

  1. CCP did reduce clone costs in the not too distant past. Removing clone costs entirely is a much better proposition. And I don’t just say that because I once lost Gallente battleship V…

    …okay, maybe that lends weight just a little 🙂

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