I killed an Erebus with my Iskhur

Dear and Cherished Reader, I am the Top PvP fighter in our alliance.  The big kahuna, the top gun.  Just call me “boss” from now on, no further genuflections are strictly required.

I killed an Erebus in my Assault Frigate.


This will never happen again...

This will never happen again…

I may have had a little help.


Here is the story. 

Well, once there was a Titan, an Erebus to be exact.  Owned by [Edit. it was sponsored by a website I had never heard about, hence I overlooked it.  The website is called Iwantisk.com and I assume its like EVEbet?  My apologies for the oversight] Nashh Kadavr – a well known leader in Low Sec.  He offered his massive boat for the explicit purpose of being the focus of a massive fight.  The place was announced, a support fleet was mustered that intended to defend the target until it was either overcome by an opponent better led and equipped or until they ran out of things to shoot and then they would turn on their own Titan. One way or the other, that Titan would go down. The question was, would we be on the killmail?

This all being well advertised, it drew a crowd from all over New Eden.  Our team streamed from our respective wormholes, ignored Isogen 5 scouts along the routes and assembled in empire space.  Of course, we trickled in and some of our number actually were part of the defense fleet and already in the system.  That fleet was closed to us late comers but we didn’t really need to be organized.

Nylon Elephant and Oak and I formed a mini fleet.  TiDi in the target system was already 10% the idea creating a stationary camp on a gate was quickly discarded as suicidal.  So we opted for the “hit and run” strategy with fast frigates.  Nylon and Oak in Interceptors, me in an Assault Frigate that I had lying around somewhere.  It didn’t even have tackle, the idea was warp in, shoot at all the things (including the Erebus) and warp away.  The Ishkur I took had the advantage of having at least a little bit of a tank to survive the inevitable smart bombs.  And if in doubt what to fly, take Gallente.  They make the prettiest wrecks.

So, we entered the system and everything came to a sudden stop.  With >1400 people in local, the servers were positively smoking hot and TiDi adds a very different dimension to game play.  For example, making safe spots is a matter of chance now, aligning takes a long time and one has no idea if one is dead by the time one warps off.  Oh, never bring a drone boat to a TiDi fight, at least not drones that need to travel.  They too move like through molasses.

Nylon warps us to various FW plexes and we pick a few fights with stragglers and odd people who have bomb launchers (in Low Sec?).  Its fun actually, I drop onto a POCO and engage a few frigates – my tank holds up amazingly well and Nylon and Oak tackle everything. We slug it out well enough but we want to be part of the big furball with the Erebus and literally hundreds of T3, capital ships and Battleships.  Nylon bravely makes a safe spot 0.1 AU away (see, the warp time is so long that its worth making the spot close to the action) and we banzai charge into the mess of ships, wrecks, pods, missiles and flying lead.

I have never been in a fight like this and I took some mementos.



Notice the little purple dot in the middle?  That would be Nylon protecting me 🙂  I quickly learn only to shoot at things that are red in color, I think my overview is set up that red=aggression timer and hence I don’t get that much of a security standing hit.  I still get hammered quite a bit and lost a few brownie points with Concord but hey, nothing a bit of ratting can’t fix.

Ishkur Versus Everyone

From my point of view, my Ishkur looks pretty even in size to these Armageddons?  Right?  Right?  All about perspective.

So, we bounce in to / out of the mess, I lose my drones, I scoop new ones and basically we try to get a good any shot at everything that has a chance to die.  I am slowly running out of ammunition and I get tackled a few times but – coincidence, not brains – I have an afterburner fit, not a MWD and I simply tank the incoming damage and slowboat out of tackle range.

Nylon picks a fight somewhere with something bigger than him (he does that) and calls for help. I warp to him and we kill a few things together, a Rifter, a Merlin, even a Hound (my second in 2 days!) and we all make it out all alive. TiDi actually helps the PvP moron that I am since I have lots of time to think what to do next or – far more frequently – ask Nylon and Oak for advice.  Hmm.  TiDi fights for newbs as a feature?

Anyway, about that Erebus.  It goes down in a ball of flames – or so I imagine.  We are busy beating the snot out of some frigate at some PoCo but the killmail is linked.  And yes, I am on it.  It was me who killed it. Yes, I had help.  But never underestimate the power of the Gallente Assault Frigate.

Well, to summarize, I had an absolute blast, Nylon and Oak as well, in fact everyone from IOS who was involved anywhere had a fantastic time.  Did we win any prizes or whatever?  Nah, but we got to fight and brag, we flew in defense fleets or shot at it, we picked fights with anything that moved and – amazingly – we survived the entire massacre unexpectedly.

So, a massive, massive “Thank You” goes to Nashh and his crew for setting this up and offering content to the rest of us.  Yes, I am aware that there is some drama but we don’t care.  Fun was had, explosions were had (big ones).

Did I mention that I am top dog on our killboard?  Just as reminder, here it is again.  You may kneel before me if you really want to.


This will never happen again...

This will never happen again…


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